Sunday, 1 November 2009

Orange and Yellow and Pink and White

I was going to welcome in November with a photo taken today of the trees seen from our balcony. But I left it too late, and when I remembered, the light had gone and the photo I took was no different to the one I took a month ago. Whereas in reality, there is far more colour in them. So I will save that for another day and instead look back on some colour from October. Which was a very colourful month.

Yet another window box.
Aren't they delicious?

Pink dahlias.
White dahlias.
Yellow dahlias.
And orange dahlias.
They've been a riot of colour in the nearby allotments.
They are one of my favourite flowers.
Not only because of their cheerful disposition,
but because dad used to grow them.
Then there are the doorstop treats.

And of course pumpkins.

These were for sale.
But most houses have at least one or more on their steps.
But there was no trick or treating last night.
I was asking a neighbour about it, (one who speaks some English).
She said the children celebrate Halloween but they don't go round the houses.
But some of the houses in our road do have lighted pumpkins outside.
They were lit again tonight which was nice.
Jewel had to have a closer look
she hadn't seen one before.
It was extremely mild as we walked the dogs tonight
unbelievably so.


Daisy said...

Those dahlias are absolutely gorgeous, Lynne. Such bright colors. I enjoyed seeing the step decorations too.

Anonymous said...

Such pretty, colorful pictures. Lovely to see the dahlias and have fond memories of your dad. I bet the glowing pumpkins were beautiful on the steps.

Cassie said...

Love the colorful flowers. I had some double dahlias this summer that looked like your red/orange/yellow ones...SO beautiful. Mine are all dead as doornails now!

Sarah said...

Lovely dahlias! I used to think they were really garish but then I grew some one year and was so impressed with their brightness! They are though, I would say, one of the snail's favourite meals so it is hard to grow them! I love the leaf photo and the pumpkins. It is refreshing to hear that the children do not trick or treat-just so everywhere is not the same. We had a bowl of sweets but nobody came round. The house over the road was having a very obvious party with pumpkins and costumes so maybe people went there instead!
It has been mild here but is supposed to get colder from today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne,
Been eading your last posts... and admiring the pictures really live in a wonderful area!!! Love dahlia's as well, but i am already starting to dig them out and put them in the house before the night-frosts starts !
Have a nice week, Janneke.
PS. a hug for the 3 lovely dogs :))

Sandi said...

Stunning photos of the dahlias, Lynne, love the bright colours.
Lovely halloween decorations.
The window box flowers are so pretty, I wish I could grow something like that.

Heidi said...

What beautiful photos!! And I love those pumpkins spilling out over the steps.

Protege said...

Beautiful pictures. They appeal to my artistic sense and to the nature lover in me.;)

Tabiboo said...

It's so lovely to see so much vibrant colour at this time of the year.

Teresa said...

Gosh, those are beautiful photos! Thoroughly enjoyed looking at them.

What kind of camera do you have?