Friday, 20 November 2009


The mornings here are starting very misty.
And damp.
But not as wet as it is in Cumbria today.
Cumbria is in the north west of England and is the county that borders onto Scotland.
And yesterday it rained for 24 hours solid
flooding some of the towns.
We have been watching the news for the latest updates,
and my sister has been keeping me informed via email.
Their village has had a flood warning
but I think she is far enough away from the river to escape any flooding.
But I do know that she had to make a detour in order to get home from work.

So I hope that the water continues to subside in the flooded towns.

Below is a photo of the village church.
You can just see the river to the left of the spire.
This is a walk that Mike and I have been doing more regularly this week.
It is nice to look down on the valley.
And see the changing colours.

In contrast,
Mike and I took a trip into our local town.
It was a lovely afternoon.

There are many old buildings in the town.
There was a line on one of the buildings showing how high the floods had been in earlier years.
One of them was unbelievably high, way over our heads.
It was difficult to imagine.

The Christmas Market starts this weekend
and we could see the townspeople busy getting ready for it.

Part of the decorations.

A pretty shop window.

A decorated doorway.

A bright shop sign.
It seems to shine more in the fading light.
We plan to visit the Christmas Market over the weekend
just as the light is fading
as I'm sure there will be lots of twinkling lights.
Another photo opportunity!


Daisy said...

I enjoyed this post, Lynne. You always find interesting things to photograph and talk about. Thanks for taking us along on your walks. Hope you have a nice weekend. :)

Kath said...

Lovely photos, I especially liked the first one, with its misty background. You're right about the rain, yesterday Cockermouth was flooded and a police officer swept to his death. Terribly sad. We are very lucky in the south, so far no floods for us.

Sarah said...

Yes the floods have been terrible in Cumbria-it is so sad about the police officer.
Your photos are jsut beautiful Lynne-and I would loave to walk around your pretty town and go to the CHristmas market too! I have been to German markets in Edinburgh a few times and love them-so pretty and wintery and I love the mulled wine they serve-the perfect accompaniment to Christmas shopping! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear of the flooding near your sister. I hope the water recedes soon.
I believe you are in one of the most scenic places in the world Lynne. With your photographic abilities, I am able to enjoy your surroundings. Some of your Christmas photos remind me of our time in Germany in 1980. The overhead picture with the church is one of my favorites. Hope you both enjoy the Christmas market this weekend.

Protege said...

Beautiful pictures.
Sorry to her about the flooding, hope your family will remain safe.
Have a lovely weekend,

Tom Bailey said...

My favorite on is the building with the blue on it that is looking up. It is not a common camera angle people use but it works here. At first some of the places reminded me of Solvang in California - at first glance.

Anonymous said...

oh WoW...can feel the freshness and the coming of a new season as also the heralding of the festive atmosphere ahead...simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!