Monday, 16 November 2009

A-Z Monday, Hexagons

H is for Hexagons.
I have a thing for hexagons.
I wrote about my grandmothers flower garden quilt last year.
And joined the Great Hexagon Quilt-Along to prompt me to get going with it again.
But I ended up making some smaller hexagons and stitching them together in order to make a cushion cover (or two).
But I haven't finished them either!
For more A-Z fun visit Jen.


Anonymous said...

I love the hexagons and your fabric choices are lovely.

Jen said...

Happy Monday to you Lynne!
good H word and oh so pretty.

I know all too well about unfinished projects.

Ben said...

A great, original H-word! And an interesting use of hexagons. (Makes me think of honeycombs, another h-word. They are hexagons, aren't they?)

Kath said...

hey, i didn't realise we were both members of the Hexalong! What a "small" cyber world it is. They are the perfect winter lap project. Cant wait to see what you make!

Protege said...

Quilts are so beautiful. I have never made any myself, but I do have a few at home.;)
Yours look lovely.

Daisy said...

Your hexagons quilt pieces are very pretty, Lynne. I love those colors. Happy "H" week to you! :D

kendalee said...

These look great Lynne!

I can so relate to starting new projects before existing projects are completed... I'm the world's best starter!