Friday, 6 November 2009

Just Me and the Hounds

Month of the drowned dog.
Fields like hammered lead.'

So Mike quoted to me yesterday as we gave the Hounds their first walk of the day.
A poem by Ted Hughes he said.

It was a bit windy and looked like it was going to rain,
having already been raining though the night.
So the lines above seemed appropriate.
Also, I think the fact that in a couple of hours time he would be getting on his motorcycle and travelling nearly 400 km was probably on his mind.
But he made it to the ferry and is now in the north east of England staying with his sons for a week. He emailed me earlier and said that the crossing was a bit rough!
So, it's just me and the Hounds keeping each other company.
This is Mike's 3rd trip away since we arrived in Germany.
Although one of the trips was only 2 nights away camping in Germany.

I took the next two photos this morning whilst holding onto the Hounds.
Just hoping they didn't spot a cat!
Otherwise I would have found myself flat on the floor.
Not for the first time!
They are quite powerful dogs.
The weather felt a bit warmer today and not windy!
Typical, Mike would say.

I wanted to get some photos whilst there are still some leaves on the trees
and showing their lovely colours.
Some of the trees are leafless now.

The next two photos were taken earlier in the week and show how the colours are changing in the vineyards.

It helps when the sun shines!

Usually when Mike is away I get my sewing out to keep me company.
When we were in Sweden, I used to bring some of my sewing stuff over from my workshop and take over the dining room.
But the dining room/lounge is already taken over with my sewing stuff.
As I have already been doing some sewing.
And Mike is acting as postman
by taking this to pass on to my son to deliver.
And some of these to post.
As they are bound for England.

The rest of which I posted today!
I'll show you what I have been busy with once the recipients have received them.
Meanwhile, back to the Hounds.
Here they are after this mornings walk waiting for me at the top of the stairs.
How nice is that?
Well they can't actually get to their beds until I open the door!
I would like to get a photo of Paddy in his Sphinx position that he usually adopts.

Have a happy weekend.


Teresa said...

What gorgeous photos! Did you have your camera on Macro or SuperMacro for the berry shot? It's beautiful... I love red berries!

kendalee said...

You've been busy - all those lovely parcels! And how pretty and colourful your world's looking still. I love the top picture especially - are those rosehips?

Anonymous said...

What superb pictures. The vineyards are so pretty. I like to pass the time on rainy days either reading or working on small projects. The hounds are cute as ever and I hope you have a nice, quiet weekend.

Sarah said...

Lovely photos-especially those berries and the ones of the river. Hope you are not too lonely till Mike gets back. Andy is away too but only tonight. Tomorrow we are off to a friend's parents bonfire night do. I have eaten about five fruit pastilles-I had to excavate the whole packet to get to the worthwhile flavours! Also tonight I have eaten two chocolates. I am being quite good generally though!

Daisy said...

I'm glad you have the hounds to keep you company while your husband is away. Lovely pictures of the vineyards, Lynne. You live in a very scenic spot. Have a great weekend!

Tom Bailey said...

So much can come from just 1 picture for me:

I like the hill with the water the best... it reminds me of a hill that I walked on that was just like that one "not sure if it was that one" and it was during winter. The lake was not quite all the way frozen, so I was afraid the whole time of slipping and falling into the water.

Your dog looks VERY fast.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh My, those are some lovely gifts wrapped in finery...and some wonderful love wrapped in dog fur and grins...

Protege said...

The pictures you posted took my breath away...
Stunning images!
You are about 2-3 weeks behind us in weather, we are already entering early winter here in the North...
I am very amazed/impressed by such a long motorbike ride in autumn.
Have a lovely Saturday,

Tabiboo said...

Beautiful berries and I love your pictures of the lake though I know what you mean about the leaves on the trees.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Nina x