Sunday, 22 November 2009

Christmas is Coming

Well we did get to the Christmas Market
and what a treat it was.
I took lots of photos
just for a change!
We arrived when it was still light and after stopping to buy a glass of Gluwein
we made our way to the main market square.
We took the Gluwein with us as you pay a deposit on the glasses and can return them to any of the stalls selling the Gluwein.
The first thing we heard was a band playing Christmas Carols.
Then I looked around the square.

We saw them working on this house on Thursday.
I thought perhaps they were putting up lights
and changing the window boxes.
I never imagined the decorations would be so creative.

This Hansel and Gretel House below
is just off the market square.

Can you see the witch outside the house
and Gretel at an upstairs window?

Mike took the photo above standing next to the Hansel and Gretel House.
Doesn't the square look pretty?
The band stopped playing.
The square was full of people and there was an air of anticipation.
So we hung around.
Then the trumpeteers sounded.
A speech or two were said.
And a choir of young children sang.
One of the carols was in English!

In the photo above you can see the trumpeteers in the upstairs window.
They were dressed in Medieval costume.
We moved around to soak up the atmoshere and take in the different views.
I found myself next to a cake stall
and couldn't resist,
so I bought myself an Apfulstrudel Beliner.
Beliners are like a doughnut.
Mine was flavoured with apple.

We then wandered up out of the square where we came across a horse and carriage.

What lovely horses they were.
Waiting so patiently
and looking so fine.
Can you see Saint Nicholas in the carriage?

The carriage then made it's way to the square that we had just left.
Led by the small band below.

Mike waited patiently as I tried to get some decent shots.

I just had to try and get another shot
not easy with people milling around
but the horses were gorgeous.

We passed a number of cosy looking bars
and cafes.
I am peering through a restaurant window
to get the photo below.

And I had to take a photo of people in Santa hats sitting outside this cafe.
It has come out more hazy than I intended
but I still like it.

Can you tell what the blurry shot is below?

Can you see it now?

A chicken
sitting above the nativity.

We eventually made our way back through the town passing some different stalls in another part of town.
It wouldn't be complete without seeing some of these confectionaries.
I must find out what they are called.

I'm not sure why there is a toy dog poking his head out of a suit of armour......

The suit of armour was stood in the street near to this antique shop.
When we passed the shop the other day it was empty
but although you can't see from the window,
it is heaving with people inside.

And so down to the river where we had parked the car.

Where I couldn't resist taking a few more photos.

Can you see the castle in the background?
It looks as though it's floating in mid air doesn't it?

Such a lovely visit.
It makes Christmas even more special when it is as pretty as this.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely evening for all the festivities. I especially love the architecture, festive lights, horses and the castle. Oh and the bakery items!!! Thank you both for sharing your evening with us.

Daisy said...

This is such a wonderful post, Lynne. I loved all the photos. Felt like I was right there walking along with you and enjoying the sights too. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving this week. :)

Kath said...

Gluwein, yes that makes me feel Christmassy! I adore the Hansel and Gretel house, the buildings look like they are made of Gingerbread, what an enchanting place to visit, like a real life fairy tale.

Protege said...

Beautiful; your pictures make me feel just as if stepping into a fairytale. Absolutely magical.;)

Diane said...

How utterley beautiful. The houses look so very pretty. You must be well into the Christmas mood after that.

Tabiboo said...

How scrummy - all the houses look like little gingerbread houses.

Jen said...

Oh I am in the spirit now! But first we have to cook and eat that Turkey!
Great tour-thanks.

Carol said...

What a lovley post, arrived here via Heart Shaped!
I would love to visit Germany, next year it is on the list of places to see.
Your images have made me feel like getting out the Christams decorations!

Heidi said...

Can I just say how completely and totally jealous I am of you and this setting??? So jealous. This is just stunning and making me really look forward to Christmas for the very first time this season. Thank you!!

Julia said...

Well I thoroughly enjoyed my wander around the market with you - so very pretty, arent the buildings beautiful? Thank you so much for sharing, just the tonic!

J x

Sarah said...

That must be the giant's castle form Jack and the beanstalk! I love the look of your town and the Christmas market. It looks like those lovely Christmas scenes made up of little candle lit houses. The people over the road from us have a whole street's worth of those that they put in their front window near to CHristmas.

Rosie said...

I am so envious of you! Ilived in Germany for almost 10 years and oh how I miss it! Wonderful pictures too.

sue said...

This is so spooky Lynne. I stumbled across your blog via Teresa's one (blueberryart). I thought I recognised the pics in your right column (Germany) and then when I saw this thread I knew I was right - this is Bernkastel isn't it? I was there with hubby and two great friends for New Year 2007. It was beautifully decorated and we had a great time. We will go back for the wine festival - probably next year.

hummer said...

Oh thank you for sharing the lovely pictures. I love the beautiful feeling of the town and the lights. It seems they still have the true spirit of Christmas.