Saturday, 14 November 2009

Misty Mornings

I took this photo of our village in the mist earlier in the week whilst walking the Hounds.
It's been a damp week, not necessarily raining , but muddy underfoot.
And on this particular day, Thursday it started off very misty.
After walking the Hounds all week along the river, I fancied a change so drove them up through the vineyards so that we were overloooking the village.
The Hounds always appreciate a different location,
with different smells.

I found a couple of new places to walk.
One of which took us past an enclosure containing deer.
The Hounds could smell them but they behaved.
The deer were at the furthest side of the field where they couldn't quite see them.
On another walk the Hounds became very alert, sniffing the air and pulling at their leads.
I found it quite spooky because I couldn't sense anything there but knew they must have smelt deer. So I was on my guard as I know what a handful the Hounds can be when they see something they can chase.
As we came to the top of the hill we saw a deer.
It was so surprised at our appearance it just stood staring at us.
The Hounds stared back not really believing what they were seeing.
Until it decided to run away.
We were in an open area so the deer was visible for a while before disappearing into the wood.
Jewel leapt about barking trying to run after it.
The two lads just watched the deer with interest.

Mike arrived back home from the UK later in the day .
The Hounds as you might imagine were very pleased to see him.
On Saturday morning the sun was out so we drove across the river.

The walk climbs up the other side of the valley.
We were able to look down on a small formal garden.

A bit further on Mike decided to take a photo.

You can see from the next photo the path climbs up a bit.

So much so,
that it tired Rufus out!


Daisy said...

That mist in the first couple of pictures almost made me feel damp and cold from here. Love the picture of the dogs in the vehicle and also the one of Rufus resting. HA! :)

Kath said...

Lovely photos, what is it about lurchers and greyhounds that they like to lay upside down like that? my 2 do it too.

Protege said...

I really enjoyed taking this walk with you. I think you must live in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe, judging not just from the pictures here but also the ones posted on your sidebar.;)
Your dogs are so beautiful, they are one of my favorite breeds, along with wolfhounds.
Always a joy to stop by here.;)

Anonymous said...

Good Day Lynne, Lovely to join you and the hounds on your walk. Beautiful scenery and I giggle a little seeing all those "legs" in the back of your vehicle - funny only to me because Harriet has NO legs!!! Rufus is such a cutie rolled over on his back; I think exploring that new walk did tire him. Wishing you a good week. Glad Mike returned safely.

Sarah said...

You have so many lovely places to walk. I love the misty shot and the ones of you and the dogs, and them in the car. It has been wet here but sunny intermittently. Not at all cold though.

Cassie said...

All that fog was the stereotypical pic of what us foreigners think England looks like!! Love your hound pics. Blessings,C

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

great blog! I LOVE your photos. oooh, i LOVE mist. we don't get that in el paso.

that cake on your sidebar looks yummy. i really like the textile that's hanging on the wall behind your dog 'jewel' in the photo on the sidebar.

i got your ATC from the swap - thanks so much for sending it. now i'm going to explore the rest of your blog!!