Monday, 30 November 2009

A-Z Monday~ Letter F

F is for Family and Friends.
I Fly oFF to England in just under Four days.
The day beFore Friday to be precise.
Yes on Thursday I fly to England for 3 weeks.
Leaving Mike and the 3 Hounds together here in Germany.
It's rather a long time.
But I did so want to see my Grandson in his first school Christmas production.
I couldn't miss that could I?
And coming back was determined by other circumstances
which I will tell you about on my return.
I hope to post some photographs whilst I'm away
and I'm planning some scheduled posts,
so I hope you continue to call in.
As I love to read your comments.
I have been a bit slow in replying to some of your comments of late and posting on my blog.
Mike has been commandeering the computer for business purposes,
and he's also caught the blogging bug.
I can't get him off now!

For more A-Z fun call in on Jen.


Anonymous said...

Oh how special to be visiting with your family and enjoying that grandson! Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip Lynne.

Ben said...

Bon voyage! Happy landings! Of course you have to be there for a First perFormance!

Margaret said...

Can't wait to see your photos from your trip. Have a good time!

Protege said...

Ah, you must be so excited.;) I am wishing you a great stay, there is indeed nothing like friends and family. I am sure you will miss your dogs, but time flies.;)
Happy Holidays,

Kath said...

Enjoy your special time! XX

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne,
Want to wish you a safe trip to England and a fantastic time with your family !!! How great that your grandson is going to perform in a Christmas production. I remember when our daughter did: goosebumps.
Enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings, Janneke.

Daisy said...

Aw...what Fun! Hope you have a great time on your visit. Safe travels to you. :)

Jen said...

Happy Monday Lynne
Friends and Family First!
Have a safe Fun trip.

Rosie said...

Hope you will have a fabulous time, don't forget the tissues when you go to the play... I'm sure you will need them.
Rosie x

Yiota said...

Enjoy your visit to England and have fun with your grandson. Nothing more precious, I think!

noelle said...

The dogs look fab, have a great time over here wont you!!!!!!

country girl said...

How're an Englishwoman living in Germany with her husband and dogs, and I'm an American woman living in Austria with my husband and dog!
I really enjoy your photographs, very beautiful. Especially that Christmas Market!
Have a wonderful trip...