Monday, 9 November 2009

A-Z Monday, Letter I

I is for Internet.
Now how difficult was that especially considering I spent most of today INDOORS using it?
I think I was waiting for INSPIRATION.
Yes the internet is a wonderful place.
Today I have been using the internet to try and understand German grammar.
In preparation for my class tonight.
Over the weekend I used the internet to learn about art journalling.
It is also keeping me in touch with Mike while he is in the UK.
It makes it easier for me to add to his shopping list!
I think I first started blogging when I was in Sweden with none of my patchwork and quilting books and magazines.
I needed some inspiration to get started with some project or other,
rather than finishing off something I had started!
I must have googled 'patchwork and quilting'and that was my introduction into the world of blogging.
I suspect I didn't even get my project started.
Last week I received my first ATC from Joyce who doesn't appear to have a blog.
Throughout the year I have been making ATC's to send out to people taking part in a swap.
Everyone in the swap sends out an ATC to anyone whose birthday falls in the month that we are in.
All mine are sent out now, phew!
But I received my first one!

It's my birthday next month.
So Joyce is early, unlike me!
I also received a lovely little bag in September from Christine who like me is part of a bigger blog.
The Great Hexagon Quilt Along invited members to make hexagons and then all participants were put into a draw and one lucky winner won all the hexagons to sew them up however they chose.
Christine was the first winner of this 'Pot Luck' and entered the names of everyone who sent her some hexagons into a draw. And I was one of the winners.

My first blog win!
And even better, it was the first post to arrive for me at our house in Germany!!

Yes I love the internet.
I love the way that it connects people together
and keeps people in touch.

The first photo?
The weather today.


Protege said...

What a lovely photo on top of your post, very significant of the type of weather we are having right now.
I too stumbled upon blogging (blogs) by making a search on the net for a certain painting, that manged to capture my heart like no other. It is funny how coincidences can change the course of our life...
Congratulation on your win.:)
And thank you so much for you kind comment on my yesterdays post.

Anonymous said...

The colorful leaves drenched within rainy water - beautiful captured.
And Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty first photo and no wonder you stayed in on the internet! We are having rain today! The ATC is lovely and colorful and what a delightful bag you received. Isn't it fun to receive parcels from all around the world? Wishing you and the pups a great day.

Anonymous said...

me again Lynne.....since you enjoy the ATC's, you would enjoy my blogger friend @ She is in Ireland.

Daisy said...

Lovely weather photo, Lynne. I would not like having to get by without the internet now either. I use it for so many things. Happy "I" week to you. :D

Sandi McBride said...

I know how that first Blog win feels...the second feels everybit as good!!! Glad to see the "Kids" photos so prominently displayed!!! What beauties they are! You can tell how much they are loved, Lynn...lucky them!

Cassie said...

Good morning! (a day late) It's amazing how much a part of our life the internet is now.
Never would have thunk it!!
Have a great day.
From cold, snowy Idaho,

Obe's said...

Lovely blog !
Thanks for coming by mine I appreciate the comments very much !

noelle said...

Hi Lynne, looks great where you are, lots of nice walks for those lovely dogs! Fab photos x x x

Heidi said...

Lovely photo. I can't believe that fall is almost done and winter is on its way. I'm kinda freaking out about it. I would like to keep winter at bay for as long as possible.

I hear ya. Thank God for the internet some days. It is the perfect thing to keep me occupied when there is nothing to do. Or to completely distract me. :)

Anonymous said...

the first photo is so refreshing and the beauty of changing seasons...very nice!

Tom Bailey said...

Congrats on winning. The first photo makes me cold just looking at it.

I stumbled into blogging too.