Sunday, 13 December 2009

A to Z Monday~ Letter D

It has been
a Dull,
Drippy Day.
But that has only been the weather!
It was cold as well when my sister and I took a trip into the Lake District.
I haven't felt so cold in a long while
and that includes being in Sweden when it can regularly Drop below freezing in the winter.
But this was a Damp cold.
This was the sort of cold that gets through your clothes,
and into your bones,
into your soul.
Making me,
feel very cold.
But not to worry,
it's nice to get out and go for a walk
even though everywhere was grey.
I took some photos to show you.
But I haven't managed to download them yet.
But my Daughter came to the rescue
and emailed me some photos to show you.
Because I needed something for the letter D.
How about a Donkey?

Well it's my grandson in
He was a Donkey in his school play that I went to see.
I think he enjoyed himself.

He is only 4 years old.
It was his first experience of being in a school production.
He likes Dressing up.

His Mum,
clever girl that she is,
made him this costume
so he could go and see the film 'where the wild things are'
Dressed as one of the characters, Max.
People were saying how cute he looked.
The photos I have taken while I've been here in the UK
may have to wait till I get back to Germany
to be downloaded so I can show you.
Something to look forward to.
But for more A-Z fun pop over to Jen's.


Kath said...

Adorable! I always loved the school plays.
I know what you mean about damp cold, it's unique to England!

Protege said...

What a cute boy, I love his costume.;) As for the weather, it reminds me of our Scandinavian winters.;)

Yiota said...

He's so cute!
My son's play is on Friday. I started making his costume today.
Love the picture in the banner. Where is it?

Daisy said...

Aw...what a cute donkey! The Max costume is great too! Hope you've warmed back up by now. Happy "D" week to you, Lynne! :)

bad penny said...

Bless him - I'm really missing all the festive things young children do... it's just not the same with teens !

Anonymous said...

Thanks to your daughter for sharing those precious photos of your grandson. Hope you are enjoying every minute of your visit. I posted pictures of my visit to Germany on my blog tonight and put in a link to your lovely blog and your wonderful pics of Germany!

hummer said...

He is precious. I know what you mean about damp cold. It is not just in England. Every once in a while, not always, we get a blue northern in south Texas, USA, and if you are out in the weather it takes a hot bath and half the night before your body can warm back to normal. Wet is always 'yucky'.
I love your grandson's costume and his desire to dress up. That just makes them all the more precious and innocent. Your daughter is a talented costume maker.
Hope you don't ,mind a Texan stopping by.
Thank you for sharing this moment.

Dorothy said...

He is just adorable and great photos of the wonderful costume your daughter made....


Dorothy from grammology

Grammy Staffy said...

Hi Lynne,
What darling kids.... I know you are proud of them.

I am just dropping by to say hello. I have not done much blogging lately but I do think of you.
I've posted Christmas greetings on my last 2 posts I would like to share with you. Drop by when you can. Hugs, Lura