Saturday, 29 May 2010

Farmlife and Bridges

Long time no see.
Though some of you have been kindly stopping by to check up on me.
And I appreciate that, thank you.
It's difficult to get going once you have a break.
But I've had these photos ready for a few days now
just waiting for me to find some words to go with them.

So what have I been up to on my unplanned blog break?

Well I have been working with hexagons.
Elongated hexagons.
An idea I saw a couple of years ago in a magazine
but only now am I following it up,
 I was able to buy the necessary template on my last visit to the UK.
I have to work from a template to make my pieces accurate.
I'm afraid everytime I try to draw a shape accurately,
it's never good enough.
I find these quite time consuming and more fiddly than the regular hexagons.
But I love the effect,
when pieced together.

What else has been happening?
Well flowers in the gardens seem to be blooming generally.
The flowers pictured here are taken in my sister's garden.
And from a garden we visited last weekend.
Yes I am on another visit to the UK!

we have had some lovely weather in Cumbria
since I arrived over a week ago.
My sister's garden is full of birds.
I enjoyed listening to this Blackbird singing his heart out one afternoon
as I sat reading my book below.

This little fellow came to join me for a while.

Last Sunday morning started off sunny and warm.
So I set off with my camera
for a walk along the river.
The county show is coming up in July.
Both my sister and I have been looking at the categories for entering
We both thought we might have a go at entering some photos.

One of the categories is 'Farmlife'.

Another is 'bridges'.

So both of us have been clicking away
trying our best to get some interesting shots.
We must have taken hundreds of photos
trying to capture the right one.
We're still looking.
But it's enjoyable.
And I'll be back with some more photos soon.


Steve Gravano said...

Pretty flowers, glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see you posting again Lynne. Your flower and bridge photos are superb! I know you and your sister are having great fun. I love the elongated hexagons. The colors/fabrics you have chosen are so warm. The farm life pics are so sweet. I hope you will share more in the upcoming days. Enjoy your weekend.

Daisy said...

Hi Lynne! Welcome back! As always your photos are wonderful. I hope you find just the right ones to enter the show. I love the one of the sheep with the mostly black background. Your fabric hexagons are really pretty! Very unique!

ADonald466 said...

Hin Lynne - I've missed you! Love the elongated hexagons - I've never used them - must have a try! Super photo of the lamb, definitley one to enter in the show!

Mary said...

Your blog is beautiful. Thanks for visiting me. I wish I had more time to enjoy more of your blog today. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Claus said...

Welcome back!!! You were certainly missed! :-)
Beautiful pictures as always, especially that one of the bridge :-) and the flowers :-)
Thanks for sharing!!

Kath said...

So glad to see you are back! I love those warm golds and orange colours in your long hexies. I must admit I cheat, I get my Computer wizard Husband to print me off a sheet of them, which I cut out :D
I will be interested to see what goes in between the flowers.
Love all the photos, hope the hounds are all well, as our 2 are.