Monday, 31 May 2010

A Murky Day

The weather has been changeable while I've been in Cumbria.
On Wednesday last week
Three of us set off into the Lakes.
We drove up by Borrowdale and parked the car
where we could take a look at the view,
such as it was.
Rather murky.

But nevertheless,
we set off for a walk along a closed valley to a place called

Along a narrow,
twisty road.

Lined with dry stone walls.

Watendlath is a little hamlet at the end of the road with a few
Lakeland buildings,
one of which is a tea shop!

Beyond this bridge is a tarn,
(a small lake).

It was generally overcast,
and started to rain.
Not that the ducks minded.

They seemed used to people,
and saw them as a provider of food.

The picture below was taken on the way back when the sun came out for a short time.
Just before the thunder,
which was deafening,
and frightening,
and lightening,
which I didn't notice,
That evening on the local news,
we heard that a number of walkers
in a valley to the west of where we had been had been struck by lightening!
I think we were very fortunate
in that we only got wet.


Daisy said...

Pretty pictures, Lynne! Even on an overcast day, you manage to take lovely photos. I like the stone walls. Looks so peaceful there.

noelle said...

what a lovely trip, i love the lake district. Great pictures x

ADonald466 said...

Gorgreous photos, even if it was murky!! I love the one of the bridge.

Sarah said...

This sounds and looks like soewhere from Lord of the rings! Glad you survived the storm. If you meant it about popping in, I am here most of the week-let me know!

Anonymous said...

Those rock walls covered with moss are so pretty. I'm curious, did you have tea at the little shop? I hope so - it looks like a beautiful setting to enjoy a cuppa!

Kath said...

Although we suffer a lot of rain and mirk in England, it's very moody and atmospheric, which I find exciting. Your photos were lovely. So nice to hear from you,Lynne, thanks for stopping by my Blog.

Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful photos Lynne. That first one almost looks black and white.

Jen said...

Great shots Lynne! This looks like a great place to take a stroll.

Teresa said...

Hi Lynne,
What beautiful scenery - sun or no sun. I particularly like the dry stone walls lining the little road. So picturesque!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh my--What a beautiful walk. The moss covered walls are great.
Thanks for sharing,

Karens Hopes said...

Hi Just popped in for a visit and what a wonderful array of photographs. I will be back to see you soon...please pop over and say hello if you have time.
Karen xx

Claus said...

I absolutely adore all of these pictures! they are gorgeous! We are in the rainy season here, so I am in rainy mode, and love to see grey skies, green and fresh looks so...peaceful and calm? at least in my mind :-)