Monday, 14 June 2010

Little Pink Flowers and Biscuit Cake

Sunny warm weather,
which we are still enjoying here in Germany,
calls for some
light summer dresses.
I bought a couple when in the UK recently
and was so pleased with them,
I rashly went and bought a dress pattern and fabric.
The best thing is,
I've made the dress!
It must be years since I've made myself a dress,
though my daughter
got me back into sewing dresses
when she asked me to make one for her.
That was two years ago.
I made the 'ghost dress'
mentioned above,
an odd choice and some very slippery fabric it was too,
but I also made a second dress for her in some Happy Hippo fabric.
Another odd choice.
But they both looked lovely.
The best thing is though,
is that it got my daughter interested in sewing.
She still sews,
though she doesn't seem to blog much now.

I've sewn
for as long as I can remember.
Taught by both my mother and grandmother.
Sewing my own clothes all those years ago
led me to taking up patchwork.
An obvious detour
what with all the lovely scraps of fabric left over from dressmaking,
I just had to put them to good use.

Another love of mine,
is baking.
Yesterday, I decided to make some date scones.
I tend to use my food processor for the job these days.
I thought I would whip up a Victoria sponge while I was at it.
An easy cake to make,
but I thought I'd make it even easier by using the food processor
to make it even simpler and quicker,
(always important when you fancy a slice).
Unfortunately, it turned out on the thin side.
I did wonder at using the food processor for the job,
but it was one of the recipes that came with it.
So I've called it Biscuit Cake.
Sponge cake with a crunch to it.
It's still nice,
but it wouldn't win any competitions!

Well I'm off to sew some buttons on my dress now.
They are really quite tiny.
It's just a very small basket.


Zuzana said...

I can not believe you made this dress! That is lovely. I had been wanting for so long to make my own clothes. I have so many designs in my head, but I need the day to have yet another 24h.;)
The cake looks simply delicious too.
Have a lovely week an enjoy the sun,

Claus said...

What a gorgeous dress! My grandma tried to teach me how to sew in her Singer sewing machine, but I was hopeless, and then she passed away :-( I still keep the sewing machine as an antique in our living room, and each time I see it, I remember her trying to make this cluts sew a straight line. The drawers still have some of her sewing materials, and I like to open them up and smell. It smells like my grandma :-)

The cake looks yummy!, unfortunately, also a department I am NOT good at, though in that one, I do make my little experiments every now and then. The rainy season around here sure calls for some cookies...I might do that on Saturday!...good idea!

have a lovely day my talented friend!

ADonald466 said...

I too have sewn for as long as I can remember - making clothes for my dolls before making clothes for me! When I comment on your blog, I have to use my Google Account, which doesn't link to my blog!

alisonb said...

Hello Lynne, Love the dress. Like you I haven't made any clothes for a long while. It must be nice in the warm - it is freezing here! Enjoy the sun and your cake!!

Daisy said...

Such a cute dress, Lynne! I love it. Love the little buttons too. I used to sew all the time, but I have gotten away from it. Too many other things taking up my time now, I guess. Your cake looks delicious!

Steve Gravano said...

What talent, that's a beautiful looking summer dress. And the cake may not win a competition but it looks delicious.

Yiota said...

Your dress is so fresh and summery!
And the cake looks delicious! I'm having coffee at the moment so I wouldn't mind a slice. :)

Sarah said...

I like your dress Lynne-very pretty! I have made some clothes in the past but have never really learned to sew the proper way. It has cooled down a bit here o I am back into long sleeves at the moment.
The doll hasn't got a name yet. I would like to know what she made you think of!