Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Night at the Museum

Tomorrow I fly off to the UK.
And I still haven't got back into a blogging routine
and managed to visit everyone.
I usually fall behind with my blog when I'm away
and I won't have access to a computer on this trip.
I haven't even blogged all the photos from my previous trips to the UK.
So as these photos were ready and waiting for some words
I thought I would post them now.

On my Eastertime trip,
we went to a museum. ( The Hancock in Newcastle, as the link is broken).
It used to be an old fashioned one
with lots of stuffed animals.
But it has had a makeover.

With some scary additions.

I remember this T Rex from years ago.
Still a scene stealer.

I was so busy snapping away taking photos of the family,
I didn't get to see what this exhibit was.
Shame on me!

Some family fun.

I like the next two photos for their
and quiet interlude

in an otherwise
silly day.

Beware the Roman soldier.
And the Easter Bunny.

And a long


Claus said...

What lovely pictures! thanks for sharing. I've been wanting to go to the museum for a long time. May was Museum Month here in Guatemala, and unfortunately, I didn't managed to get to one :-( Hopefully, I will some time this year.
Have a great trip to the UK!!

Kath said...

How cool is that butterfly "wallpaper", I love that!
Looks like a fab day out. At least the rain has stopped for you Lynne, it is lovely and sunny here in England with a cool breeze.

Teresa said...

You have been busy blogging the last few days! Love the dress you made... looks so cool and comfy. Nice to see you back online. Have fun in the UK. "See" you when you get back!

Sandi Butler said...

I love a trip to a museum. Always lots of interesting things to look at. Love the butterflies.

Zuzana said...

Great set of pictures; who doesn't love museums.;) I loved them as a kid and i do love them now, I visit a museum in every city I travel to.;)
Have a great stay in the UK.;)

Steve Gravano said...

Thanks for the walk through the Museum. Have a great time in the UK!

Daisy said...

Looks like an interesting and fun place to visit, Lynne. I hope you have a good trip! :D

Louvregirl said...

Excellent post~ LOVE you new header also!

kendalee said...

I've enjoyed catching up on all the posts I've missed while I've been offline Lynne - glad you've been enjoying sunny days in Germany and lovely days with your family in the UK! I was in your beautiful part of England recently and I recognise some of it now, which is lovely. In fact I think I have a picture of those same pretty pots of pink sweet william :o)

Hope you're having fun on this current trip too. K x

Sarah said...

Hope you had, or are having a good time wherever you are! Great photos but the best one is definitely the sheep on head one!