Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Running Late

What a bright bush against the grey.
I've no idea what it is.
We weren't sure whether they were berries or flowers.
It turns out they are flowers,
the petals are quite hard.
The weather has been quite grey,
damp and wet at times,
so the bright bush was a nice surprise.

I've had this post half prepared for a week now.
But Blogger lost some of my text
as I was editing it, so as it was late at night
I decided to put it on hold and go to bed.
Unfortunately, I didn't get back to it,
until now!

These first few photos were taken
over a week ago on one of our morning walks along the river.
We saw these grapes covered in plastic.
Most of the grapes have all been harvested now,
but these I think are being saved to make ice wine,
made once the frost has got to the grapes.
But I really must find out a bit more about it.

 On Saturday (13th November) we joined our friends who were celebrating St Martin's Day.
We arrived too late to see the horse and a procession through the streets.
All the children had made lanterns,
and there was a large bonfire down by the river.

The drum on the right of the picture is evidence of a band,
though we must have missed that as well!

We were eager to try these doughy pretzels.
All the children got one each.
Our friends got some for us,
but they were quite filling,
and covered in sugar.

The photo below really belongs with the first ones as it was taken at the same time.
It's just easier to keep it where it is.
We often let Paddy and Rufus off for a run when we are down by the river.
Rufus is very obedient and doesn't stray far.
We've been working with Paddy to come back when he is called.
For this we have used treats.
He loves his food and will do anything for a treat.
In fact we only have to crackle the celophane bag and he comes.
So here he is running back to us for a treat.
What's interesting about this photo is that the day before
the path that you see was flooded over by the river.
No doubt we'll get more of that happening now.

This last photo was taken on a different day,
on a different walk above the village.
There are new views now that there are no leaves on the trees.
The funny thing is,
when I was looking through photos from last year,
I took this same view last year
but one day later.

Maybe I should look out some of the photos I took over the summer
which I meant to post on here,
and didn't get round to at the time.


Diane said...

great photos Lynn - life looks lovely in your neck of the woods. Paddy is fab! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, I love your photos. It would be lovely for you to share some of your summertime photos here also. Hope you have a great day. Big hugs to all the hounds.

Steve Gravano said...

I love the subtle colors in that first image, so soft.
Isabel is "treat trained." I was told that "greyhound are unable to be trained" and "should never be let off the leash." But she comes when called and will not leave our side when we walk her off leash. For long walks we always have her on the leash, but across the yard or down the path, she is fine.

Daisy said...

Grand pictures, Lynne. That pretzel looks huge! No wonder it was so filling.

Kath said...

I just love the photo of Paddy running free, what a pleasure to see him enjoying himself like that. I wonder if you will have snow at the weekend Lynne, it is forecast here.

ADonald466 said...

A lovely collection of photos. I haven't seen grapes wrapped in plastic before - interesting! When we had our spaniel - if she was at the bottom of the garden and wouldn't come back in, it just took one shout of 'biscuit' to have her racing in the door and sitting in the kitchen to get one!!
ps - I posted the parcel to you on Saturday!

Zuzana said...

Beautiful autumn imagery, i always love your photography.;)
Here we are already under heavy snow blanket.;))

Claus said...

Look at Paddy run!!! So cute.
Beautiful pictures as always!! The red tiny flower is very pretty; very Christmas-y in my eyes :o)
Have a lovely day!!

Sarah said...

I like your pictures Lynne-especially the bright flowers in the first photo. I miss the bonfire they used to do on Blackheath on 5th Novemebr. THere has not been one for about ten years I don't think-health and safety! Love a good bonfire!

Sarah said...

Ps-thanks for the cotton tip-I have been much more careful since then! Cassie is so silly she would eat anything!

Rustique Gal said...

Lynne, your photos are exquisite. I wonder about the covered grapes too-wine country is foreign to me, but very fascinating. Hope you have a lovely week!

Sarah said...

Thanks Lynne! I appreciated the tip-anything to keep them safe!

GeorgyG design said...

Gorgeous photos as usual. I love that bush in the first, red is one of my favourite colours. G

David L Macaulay said...

love your blog, Lynne and the pics. Is this Germany?

Margaret said...

As always, lovely photos. I have a good friend who loves ice wine. It's a little too sweet for me.
Such a joyous picture of your Paddy running toward the camera! And that pretzel is big enough for a crowd.

Sarah said...

Thanks Lynne-today has been ok anyway! I will share the quilt sometime soon-I have done 5 whole blocks now! (If that is what 7 hexagons are called.
I print onto photo paper or card, then mount onto ready made cards-didn't take long actually-now just have to write them!

bad penny said...

Those flowers are stunning - a winter Virburnam possibly ? I've never heard of ice wine so will be interested if you find out more !
The Martin's celebrations look fun - again I don't know of it ( except one of my brothers is called Martin ...and he is NO Saint ! )

Louvregirl said...

That pretzel looks good!