Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas is a Coming

 December already,
and I've been busy making Christmas cards.
Some have even been posted,
and we've received our first one,
sorry, two!

Mike and I went to a Christmas market in our neighbouring village at the weekend.

It took place in the Guildhall.

There were only about 10 stalls,
but all quite different.

We went with friends.
After we'd had a look at all the stalls,
and chatted to some other friends,
who had one of the stalls,
and bought one or two things,
we had some Gluwein.
It was delicious.
Very warming.
Just what we needed
before walking back home...

...through the lovely old market square.
I always like walking through it,
but it's especially nice with the Christmas lights.

After saying goodnight to our friends,
we had the last bit to walk on our own,
past this lovely Christmas display.
It's a garden centre
and it always has lovely displays.
I like to take a walk
or a cycle ride,
(weather permitting),
just to see what they have on display.

Mike's in the UK at the moment,
braving all that winter weather!
I'm hoping he can get back here as planned next week,
otherwise, I might be spending Christmas on my own!
With the hounds of course.
Is it Christmassy where you are?
And, have you got snow?
If you're in the UK,
it might be a case of,
how much snow?


Claus said...

It is Christmas-y around Guatemala! The season officially started last weekend, with the first week of Advent (it's a religious country), but there had been parades and other activities prior, so really, it's been Christmas-y for nearly two weeks now! :o) I really like it. It feels familiar, cozy, hopeful...
I like the pictures! They look so...European to me :o) very pretty.
Hope things go as planned!, and that you and the dogs won't have to spend Christmas on your own.
have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, No snow here but really cold temps. I have blog friends in the UK and have heard about the snow. Hopefully Mike will be home safely as scheduled. Thanks for sharing these lovely images. Brings back fond memories of my trip to Germany at Christmastime. The beauty is like a greeting card. You and the hounds take care.

Steve Gravano said...

Hi Lynne, no snow here in the lower portion of New York State. The north eastern section had their first storm. I'm not sure it's at bad as England. That wouldn't make for a
Merry Christmas if Mike was snowed in. Your photos look so storybook. I'd love to visit old Europe during the Christmas season.

Sarah said...

I like the look of the town you are in-it looks very pretty. We have quite a lot of snow-enough to close school for two days hurray! Hope Mike can get back ok. It is supposed to ease off a bit next week so they say!

Daisy said...

Such lovely photos, Lynne. You always find the prettiest things to photograph. I hope the snow doesn't keep Mike from returning home on time. I heard about the snow in the UK too. :)

Ash said...

Hi Lynne, greetings from a very white and snowy Yorkshire Dales!!! Christmas for us is always a little delayed as we wait for my daughter to have her birthday the week before the actual festivities - I like it that way though, we don't have chance to get too tired of it all. Having said that we too went to a big garden centre over near my sons college that makes a huge spalsh of christmassy things, the sparkle in my daughters eyes matched the trimmings I think!!! Hope the travel arrangements go ok, we are just hoping we can get to our son eventually to get him home for the christmas break!!

Zuzana said...

We did receive half a meter snow last weekend. It has dissipated some and apparently it might met next week, sigh..
It is both good and bad, as the snow has put a stopper to my Christmas shopping thus I have not send a single card yet or bought any gifts.;)) So I need the roads to clear so I can get going again.;))
LOVE all your images, Germany is so picturesque.;) And you are such a talented photographer.;))

Ellouise88 said...

Not much snow in East Devon, just a light covering but very pretty. What lovely pictures. Very Christmassy!

Kath said...

Lovely- just like a fairy-tale! Snow? none here in Glastonbury to speak of. A little dusting with frost on top, not even enough for the dogs to act the fool :-D

Mac n' Janet said...

No snow here in the South, but a bit cold, looking a bit Christmasy.
I remember going to Christmas markets in Germany, in particular the big one in Nurnberg one very snowy year.

ADonald466 said...

I wish I could have been at the market with you! Despite the snow, I can't quite get in the mood for Christmas! We haven't had any post all week, so we might get some cards when it is finally delivered. I had better get organised and write mine (and hope to be able to go out to post them!!)

Arti said...

Those are great pics... Loved the street in the lights!! Thanks for your comments on my blog, I have just returned from a break... Have a wonderful weekend:)

Kellie Collis said...

It does not snow here in Australia but it's already Christmassy. We won't be putting up a tree for my girls' safety - just a little decor here and there. Unless I could find something that they can't chew on. Have a lovely week, Kellie xx

Diane said...

I remember you doing a similar post to this last year and it really got me in the mood for Christmas. The reason you only have 10 stalls is that every town in the UK currently has a Germas Market! xxx

noelle said...

Hi Lynne, nice pictures. We had snow and quite a bit for St. Ives, that was last week its gone now. I've put my tree up and so its all rather festive here!!!!

Margaret said...

We've got our first flurries today. I think after looking at your pictures, that your part of the world is the perfect place to get into the Christmas spirit. All the tudor and just makes me want to sing a Christmas carol!

Kathy said...

Hello Lynne, thanks for dropping by over on my blog ... it's nice to meet you! Yes, we did go to Razzberry Bazaar when we were in Tynemouth. What an amazing shop!!!
Your town looks so beautiful, just how we imagine a Christmas market to be. We are really getting into Christmas markets over here now, they're in every town. Our snow is melting here on the Wirral, but re-freezing into lethal ice each night! Great!!!
Love Kathy xxx

Rustique Gal said...

What lovely pictures of that Market Square. It is so old-world! We got flurries today but no snow on the ground yet. Hard to get into the Christmas spirit, I have to work at it as I am single-no kids!
Enjoy your holidays!

Tracey said...

Yes, I can't quite believe that Christmas is so very close. How exciting to have the card-making and card-receiving well under way.

I'm actually making my own Christmas cards this year too (I'm blogging about it tomorrow) ... so fingers crossed they look OK! :)

summerfete said...

thankyou Lynne x

Louvregirl said...

Simply beautiful.
Thank you :)

Louvregirl said...

I'm not in the UK, I'm in North Carolina in the Appalachian mountains...we have just gotten 10 inches

Tabiboo said...

I love your Christmassy pictures of the market town - it is exactly how I picture part of my Christmas should be.

N xxx

Ash said...

We did get a bit of snow here in Bristol.

Lovely photos, so exciting that Christmas is around!