Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Little Oasis

My blog has been looking a little dull of late.
I do so like to have photos on each of my posts.
And I've missed not being able to share them with you.
Especially now that spring is underway,
though you wouldn't know it today,
as it's dull and rainy.
But not to worry as I have some springlike photos
tucked away just waiting to be aired.

But before I do,
I'd just like to thank you all
for sticking with me through these sporadic blogging months,
and welcome new readers and followers.
It's lovely to have you all here!

Now that I've upgraded my account on Blogger,
and found a way to download photos from the camera
onto the computer,
in a roundabout manner,
I hope to be here on a more regular basis.
After all
there's so much to share,
and I miss not being in touch with you.

Back to the spring like photos...

These were taken about a week ago
on the way back from a walk with the hounds.

It's become our practice to drive above the village each afternoon
with the hounds.
It gives us lovely views over the valley
and new smells for the hounds.

The photos you see here
were taken on the way back down the valley after one of these walks.
I'd been admiring one of the trees which is laden with blossom.
I asked Mike to pull over so I could capture it.

There are a number of areas throughout the vineyards
which invite you to stop
and take in the view.

Sometimes it's just a clearing overlooking the valley,
sometimes a bench,
sometimes a bench with a telescope for you to get a closer look.
a chapel.

The area pictured here is larger than most,
with tables, chairs,
water on tap,
and an interpretation board.
It is a popular place for people to sit or stand.
Each day as we passed last week,
there was always someone there.
Except for when I took these photos.

A little oasis.



Sarah said...

It looks like a lovely place! The blossom is so lovely-especially with the blue sky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, I love to sit on a bench and enjoy pretty scenery. The blue sky with the pretty white blossoms is magnificent. Have missed you and look forward to more of your great photography.

Claus said...

lovely pictures as always!
though it rains, at least it is not snow! I was reading that some parts of the northern hemisphere as still getting white blankets!...they are not happy.
have a lovely day!

Kath said...

Lovely photos Lynne,beautiful blue sky abd blossom.

Daisy said...

What a beautiful spot, Lynne! I love the blossoming trees--so pretty! :-)

Zuzana said...

Despite your sporadic blogging (as you put it;) I have always found your photography breathtaking. You have a wonderful eye for choosing subjects and objects and for composition. Visiting here has always been a pleasure and i am looking forward to more.;)
As usual, all these images are stunning - speaking of true spring.;))

ADonald466 said...

Lovely photos of the blossom - and how nice to have a bench to sit on and enjoy the views. Glad you have resolved your technical issues - I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful photos.