Monday, 7 March 2011

Carnival Time

It's carnival time here otherwise known as Fastnacht.
On Saturday I went to watch two processions.
Otherwise known as umzug.
Normally I would have some photos to share with you,
and indeed I was sorting through them last night for that very reason.
But, I need to upgrade my account with Blogger
before I can post more photos to my blog.
And I do so like to have photos on my blog.

I believe the carnival celebrations are to celebrate the coming of spring.
Our village has it's umzug today at eleven minutes past three.
So Mike and I will go along.
It's a great time for the children as each float that passes throws out sweets for the children.
The adults don't do too badly either.
On Saturday, I was given two cupfuls of gluwein and two cupfuls of wine.
It was a wonder I managed to stagger back home.

In the evening, Mike and I went together to an evening umzug across the river.
Friends had invited us to go along with them.
It had a great atmoshere.
I had decided not to have anything to drink,
but it was so cold,
I initially had some gluwein
and then because I was stood up on a bank behind everyone else,
(in order to take photos),
Mike and the others kept passing more gluwein back to me, wine and even schnapps!
It is just given out to people as they watch the procession.
I must admit,
I slept in later than usual on the Sunday,
and even missed my swimming with my friend,
though she didn't go either.

So this afternoon,
I will take along the camera
and take some more photos,
and hopefully get them onto the blog soon.

I have missed blogging
and need to get back to it.

You can see my posting about the same celebrations in our village last year here @ (not sure why the link isn't working properly.

I hope to be back with some photos soon.
Till then, I hope the sun is shining where you are.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lynne, It is so nice to see a post from you. I have missed you. I remember this celebration from last year and I can't wait to see the photos you have taken this time. I bet it was very pretty at the river last night. Wishing you a lovely day.

Claus said...

It's so great to read you again! And so interesting to read about Carnival on your side. Here, carnival ("carnaval" in Spanish) signifies the last celebration (mundane, if you will) before Lent, followed by Holy Week and Easter. It's one day here (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday) but I know of countries having Carnival for over a week (e.g. Brazil). It's so interesting to read that it is to welcome Spring on your side of the planet! Some pictures would be awesome! Hopefully next time?
Have a lovely day!!

Kath said...

Nice to hear from you Lynne. Our carnival season here in Somerset is in November, so I look forward to seeing your photos.

ADonald466 said...

Welcome back!! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos. Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, so we will be having pancakes for dinner - I may even toss them!!

Sandi Butler said...

It all sounds wonderful Lynne, I wish we had something like that over here. I remember having gluwein at 'Christmas in July' celebrations at the German restauarant here.....mmm very nice and warming.

Daisy said...

So nice to see you blogging again, Lynne. The carnival sounds like a fun time. I bet the kids had fun too. I'll look forward to your next photos. Not too long ago, I had to upgrade my blog in order to add more photos too. Hope you have a lovely week. :)