Monday, 15 February 2010

Winter Frivolities

A little more snow has fallen over the weekend
keeping the vineyards under a light covering,
defining the lines of the vines.


down in our village,
they were celebrating.
We're not sure what
as we didn't get a satisfactory answer from anyone.

The hounds found it interesting.
Although Paddy jumped a mile when a band struck up a tune next to us.
I think it was the beating of the drum that made him jump.

There was also a lot of dressing up too.

Even the buggies were in fancy dress.

Hat off.

Hat on.

Neighbours that we haven't seen in a while
stopped to say hello.
People (and mushrooms)
taking part in the parade were pouring Gluhwein for the onlookers.
An unexpected bonus.
The children didn't miss out either.
Sweets were thrown which they collected in carrier bags.

After all the fun,
I went home and carried on with my rippling.

A bit of colour in an otherwise, so far monochrome month.



Anonymous said...

That first picture of the vineyards reminds me so of my one and only trip to Germany. What a colorful celebration - the hounds look darling. I am sorry the band scared Paddy. So fun to see what you have been working on. I am beginning to see little stems of daffodils popping thru the soil - can't wait for Spring. Enjoy your week Lynne.

Daisy said...

Such great pictures, Lynne! I love the mushroom people one and the one of the little girl in the clown hat too. Very sweet. :)

Kath said...

The photo of the vines, I had to look very carefully, with all the tiny lines, it looks like a long stitch tapestry, fascinating!
Nice photos of the hounds too.

Twiglet said...

That first photo should be a free machine embroidery - Alison Holt makes fab free machine landscapes if you are interested. I love your previous hearts blog - so colourful and cheery.

Protege said...

Wow, what a celebrations. Could it have anything to do with Fasching?
Love the absolutely first picture, that is the amount of snow I like.;))

G - O - S said...

I like the ripple and what fun costumes! I can just imagine them as a little embroidery aka comfortstitching. It is snowing here as I write. So winter has not finished withus yet! alisonb2

Sarah said...

I love that picture of the mushroom peeping up in the background and the balloons(I think in the foreground. And those mushroom costumes are great!

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

wow - the veggie hat is super wild!!

also, love the colorful flower photos you have on the right column. and the quilt on the bed in the photo behind jewel is so pretty

Teresa said...

Hmm... looks like a lot of fun at the festival! Those certainly were colorful costumes... can't say as I've ever seen a mushroom walking down the street!