Thursday, 18 February 2010

Wild Eyes

The sun was shining again today
and nice for walking.
So we drove up the hill behind our village
to walk through the higher vineyards.
Once you get up there
the roads are fairly level.
Most of the snow has gone.

There are a number of these crosses at strategic points up and down the valley.
I think we can see at least three from our village.
It is a very religious area.
You will have seen some of the shrines in the vineyards in my photos from the summer
as well as in the last two posts.

Mike walked on ahead with Paddy and Jewel
while I stopped to take photos.

Can you see them a bit clearer here?

Something has caught Arthur and Jewel's eye.
Rufus has seen it too.

It's a man walking down the vineyard.
He's just above the van
more or less centre of the photo.
Can you see him?

This is looking in the same direction
but further away.
I like the way the sunshine mirrors
the horizontal rows of houses.

Mike suggested I take a photo looking up at the hounds.
Nice don't you think?

We've turned to go back now but returning on a higher road.
There's quite a bit of waste land in between the vineyards.
Great for wildlife.
Just after taking this photo Jewel slipped her lead.
It wasn't tight enough and she has a very slim head.
She just slipped it and darted off.
Fortunately after running a short distance,
she turned and ran back towards us.
Before running off again!
But she tires very easily
and after a mad few runs,
she walked back towards us.
Safe once more.
What a minx,
and after what I told you yesterday about her running off.
I did notice her eyes though.
She has quite sharp looking eyes and when she gets excited they get a wild look about them.
That's what they were like.
I think she'd enjoyed herself.
All the boys could do was to watch quietly at her mad antics.
Maybe a little envious at having had a run.

I took this last photo towards the sun
just before getting back in the van.
All hounds present and correct.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, These pictures are so pretty. The hounds are just gorgeous. That Jewel running away again! You'll have to be on the lookout for those "wild eyes" now. I cannot get over the scenery where you are fortunate enough to walk. I was just showing your pictures to my husband. We wish you both a lovely evening.

Sarah said...

Those vineyards are amazing. I really can't see the man-and I enlarged the photo! I can see the van! Those photos looking down are really dizzying. THe dogs look great all together. I just read the post about Jewel and Rufus(was it Rufus-I have the memory problem too!) running off. It must have been such a relief when you got them back. I keep wondering about the woman I gave a lift to the other day-I hope she got her dogs back too!

Daisy said...

Such a lovely view you have there, Lynne. It looks like a wonderful place to walk. I enjoyed the pictures of your hounds. They really are pretty creatures. So glad you got Jewel back at your side again.

Protege said...

It is beautiful. I know I have said this before, but you live in a a very beautiful part of Europe.
I envy you no snow.
I am starting to hate snow by now.
Have a lovely Friday.;)

Teresa said...

Enjoyed the walk, Lynne!

Those vineyards look like they're planted on some fairly steep inclines?

Can't blame Jewel.... us girls just have to have our way once in a while!

Kath said...

Oh Jewel, our girl Roobarb is like that, dashes off and dissapears until we start to walk off, then dashes out "Dont leave me" she seems to call!

Sarah said...

Thanks Lynne. I have looked again but still can't see him! Dogs must have very good eyesight!

Candace said...

The landscape shown here is gorgeous and I am so so envious, wanting join the walk as well as join in the Wild Run with Jewel...!

Molly Brown sends her best. She never runs back. Having been an exracer, it's necessary we go after her! What a minx, herself!
Take care.
Candace in Athens.

Jen said...

Your dogs are gorgeous. I bet they enjoy their walks.
They have some good eye sight too--that man in the distance was hard to spot.

ADonald466 said...

The dogs are gorgeous - and what a lovely place to walk them!
Anne (frayedatthe edge)

Claus said...

Hola! greetings from Guatemala. Flying by from Protege's blog. What an interesting, colorful and artistic blog you have going on!! If it is OK with you, I will follow. I have always been interested in photography myself, and admire a sharp eye like yours, that find the most interesting things to capture.
Beautiful dogs as well! Animal - dogs especially - lover myself!!
Have a great day!
Claudia from Guatemala

Amber said...

Hey Lynne... I never received your email regarding the granny square swap. Just leave me a comment with your email and I will send you all the information. Sorry about the delay!
Have a great day!

bad penny said...

the dogs must have very good eyesight indeed !
Spectacular countryside - can't wait to see it all green.

Thanks for your comment - I'm looking forward to my hot stone massage !

kendalee said...

Lovely walk - and just as interesting now the snow's gone - it's going to be great to watch those vineyards through the seasons... :)

I do like the picture looking up and mike and the hounds - a great line up. I think I can see the man - just a slightly darker smudge up to the left of the van? - but I'm not sure i'd have spotted him from that far away without the benefit of a zoom - what excellent eyes they must have!

I'm off to Newcastle again today - leaving in about half an hour... Thank you for your lovely tips for things to see and do - I don't think I'll have a chance this week as it's a hectic one but am glad to have those up my sleeve and am definitely going to try and see something at the Sage now that you've recommended the acoustics! :)

Have a lovely day! x

Margaret said...

Your part of the world is beautiful. The vinyards are so striking. I hope you post some pictures when they are green and lush.
And I love the picture of the hounds and their "master"! How sweet.

MarmaladeRose said...

Great photos, looks rather chilly!