Sunday, 28 February 2010

Layers of Grey


Grey on grey
on grey,
on grey.

On and on
and on,
and on.


And wet!

Yes, my overiding thoughts of February,
are ones of,

These photos were all taken on Friday and today.
Yesterday was a glorious spring like day
with Sunshine.

But today
the greyness returned,
and brought with it the wind,
gale force,
and later,
the rain!

The river once again is flooded,
and can be clearly seen from our first floor balcony.
Grey looking!

Are you grey today?
Or do you have some colour to spare
to send our way?

It looks as though I've posted twice today,
though in reality the previous post was posted last night,
gone midnight.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures Lynne, especially the valley with the church in the middle. I know you must be tired of the rain and greyness. Photos I've seen of Germany in the spring time are so colorful and vibrant. I just can't wait for you to capture a warm spring day with your camera! Not a lot of color here either but we do have a pretty blue sky this afternoon. Wishing you a nice week.

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures! I think grey is one of my favourite colours. I don't find it makes me miserable at all. I do like a little bit of sun shot in there at times though. I love mixing greys when I am painting.
I would have missed our snowdrops altogether if it wasn't for the wind. I must get out there more!

kendalee said...

I don't mind grey in principle and even in reality sometimes. It's just when there've been months and months and months of it that I start to dread seeing it again. And yes, it was pretty grey here today too. I must say that I really love your grey photographs though - lots of lovely shades and textures!

I hope now that as we enter March we start to see just a little less of it. Just a little less would make me happy! :)

ADonald466 said...

Yesterday was miserable, with rain sleet and snow, but this morning is cold and bright - I can (almost) feel spring in the air!!

Protege said...

Beautiful pictures. Grey can sometimes have a tranquil effect, almost a cosy one. While at other times it feels oppressive and dark.
Your photography is amazing! Love all the pictures.
Today my colour is yellow to celebrate the first month of Spring.;)
Have a lovely day,

Kath said...

Fab photos, very atmospheric! But we have 2 grey dogs, so grey is not all bad :D :D

G - O - S said...

Even though it is grey on grey you have some beautiful photographs, Lynne. Grey can sometimes be very restful, which I think these are. Take care. alisonb2

Claus said...

If weather could be mailed, I would send you some sun, green, and warm from here! It is grey indeed on your side, and though rain is to me re-energizing, I would probably get bumped of too much of it.
That aside, what a wonderful set of pictures!! Postcard perfect! You certainly have an eye for them!! They are beautiful.
I hope you get less grey, and little more color in the next few days.

noelle said...

I have some sunshine, but i think you have already been over to have a look. We were promised a storm but instead the most lovely few days we have had and set to continue for a few days i think! erm, sorry about that!!! x x x

Hadriana's Treasures said...

We had brilliant sunshine here today for once which has been nice after snow and rain. (The snow can be seen on the hilltops.) Fabulous pictures - I like the log one especially.

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely photos, our Febraury was very grey too but today has been glorious blue skied March

Daisy said...

Even on grey days, you take such magnificent pictures, Lynne! Very lovely.