Thursday, 8 September 2011

Getting back to Normal

Thank you, thank you,
for all your kind words and thoughts regarding Jewel.
It has been a very sad time for us,
and your comments have meant a lot to Mike and I.
It has been a period of readjustment
of life without Jewel.

On the afternoon that Jewel died,
Mike and I were reminiscing about her,
when the wind started to blow the open window.
I got up to close it and as I looked down at the road outside,
I could see hailstones the size of golf balls,
not falling,
but catapulting into the road below.
They were coming down with such force
that Mike and I
dashed round the house
closing all the shutters on the windows.
I later mopped up a bucketful of water
from the balcony caused by the hailstones.

We later learned from friends
that not only cars had been damaged by the hailstones,
but houses too.
A few miles along the river,
the hailstones had weighed just under one kilogram,
about 1.9 lbs.
Car windscreens had been smashed,
bodywork had been dented.
But not only that,
roofs of houses had been damaged,
and in one unfortunate village,
the hailstones had caused so mush damage to the houses
that people had to be evacuated.
Some of these houses are having to be knocked down.
Added to that was the terrible hurt caused to animals,
many being killed,
and others having to be put out of their misery by vets.
It sounds unbelievable,
but we happened to take a bike ride
out that way and passed a different village
where several roofs had been covered with plastic.
We have also seen the damage done to cars.
A windscreen smashed of a car parked in our village,
and a back window covered over with plastic on a car that we followed for a while.
Our friend who has a car workshop
has been inundated with repairing windscreens.
We have never seen the like before.

that seemed to mark the change in the weather here,
which has now become cooler.
some friends arrived on Tuesday.
I haven't been out yet,
but today looks decidedly cooler still, and dull.

September marks a busy time on the Mosel.
It's when the main wine festivals take place.
Last weekend it was Bernkastel's festival.
It is the largest in this area.
Mike and I went along on Saturday evening
to watch the fireworks.
They mark a battle which took place
when Napolean sailed up the river and fired on the castle.
The castle of course retaliated.
So the display focuses on the castle and the riverside.
It was lovely.
I heard a group of Americans saying how good it was.

The photo was taken last year
is of the castle overlooking the river.
A beautiful setting for the fireworks.
I have had to use a photo from last year
as unfortunately,
I have broken the camera,

I haven't been using the computer much lately
and it will be a few days yet before I will be using it regularly.
But then I will get round to visit you all.
So in the meantime,
thank you once again for visiting
and your kind comments, they mean a lot.


Annie said...

It takes a while, doesn't it, to gain a semblance of normality.

Those hailstomes sound terrifying!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Lynne:
Life must seem very strange without Jewel as some activities were done together. However, life moves on and although it is a great cliché, time does heal.

September must be a wonderful month in your part of Germany with so many events connected to wine making. It is the same in many country areas throughout Hungary.

The hailstones sound to have been really frightening. How fortunate you were to have escaped without harm or damage. It seems unbelievable that people have had to be evacuated from their homes. It all puts one's own small concerns into perspective.

Have a peaceful and relaxing weekend!!

Steve Gravano said...

I can't help thinking about Isabel, her age and the fact that track hounds are not cared for properly.
You and Mike gave Jewel a wonderful life, she was a fortunate pup!

Anonymous said...

I have thought of you and Mike often during your time away. I am at a loss for words other than to say how sorry I am for your loss; I know you must be so terribly sad and missing Jewel. You two did give her a wonderful life.
I always enjoy hearing about the outdoor festivities there where you are and the castle is so amazing. Take care and know that many of us are thinking of you.

Daisy said...

Our pets have always been a part of the family here. I know it is that way for you too. I'm so sorry about Jewel. She was fortunate to have you to love her, and you were fortunate to have her in your life too. Hugs to you, Lynne.

That hailstorm sounds like it was quite dangerous. I'm glad that you are OK there.

That's a lovely photo. You live in such a scenic spot.

Anonymous said...

We had hailstones the other day - but fortunately just normal sized ones. Your storm sounds horrendous - I have never heard of so much damage being done. Enjoy the wine festivals, and drink a glass ot two for me!

Rustique Gal said...

I'm so sorry you lost Jewel. Our sweet pets are such comforts but they just don't last long enough. They bless our lives for a short time, teaching us about love, devotion and so much more.

We in New England have had devastating weather too-much damage from Hurricane Irene in our area. It really is time to get back to normal-whatever that is!

My best wishes,

Margaret said...

I'm glad to hear that you made it through the hail storm virtually unscathed. Sorry that others around you didn't.
Hope things will get easier without Jewel.

Tracey said...

I've been thinking of you. It's lovely to see you back ... take care.

That hailstorm sounds terrifying.

Zuzana said...

Glad to see you back dear Lynne.;)
That sounds like some fierce weather, never seen that kind of hail really, but it must have been a bit scary.;)
Lovely images as always,

Sarah said...

It is so difficult to get back to normal-and in a way you don't but just a different normal. I am glad to see you back here though. I can't believe the hail stones-it sounds really frightening. It has been a resurgence of summer here the last coupe of days-really hot in the afternoons expecially. Take care. x

Ash said...

Having lost a dog a few years ago, I fully understand what you are now going through, Lynne.

You are in my thoughts!