Friday, 30 September 2011

September Sun

These treasures are from my walk with the hounds.
I collected far more walnuts
the next day.

These photos have been sitting waiting
for me to post for a couple of days now.
I haven't been spending much time on the computer.
We've had people staying at different times
and the weather has been too hot to sit at the computer.
But I just had to get the camera out
to record the weather
and what the boys have been up to.

As you can see,
they're doing what they do best.
It's not often that Paddy lies on his back outside.
I think the temperature must have been just right for him.
Arthur's enjoying a spot in the sun too.

But Rufus is taking it easy on his favourite seat inside.

I took a walk round the garden
to see what's still blooming.
The sweetpeas are looking just as nice
if not better than they have all summer.
They smell lovely too.

This hollyhock was battered by the hailstones a month back,
but it's still producing large flowers.

I was surprised to see these rose blooms
as they are the first ones I've seen on this plant
which I planted earlier this year.

I think I'm good at growing

and nasturtiums.

They grow themselves really.
I love their cheerfullness.

Well, some things don't change
do they?

I'd best stop napping
 and get blogging again.


Steve Gravano said...

Only the late summer stuff is open here, daisies, marigold and mums just to name a few. It's nice to see the colors and the hounds.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Lynne:
A wonderful selection of autumnal images but, looking at the dogs lazing in the warmth of the sun, it could still be midsummer. Your garden contains so much colour for this time of year, it must be giving you real pleasure.

Ah, the walnuts! Wonderful. What, we wonder, will you do with them all? Do you ever pickle them?

Anonymous said...

Such lovely flowers. The hounds sure are enjoying their nap time! Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Sarah said...

It is lovely to see animals relaxing. They really know how to do it properly! Your garden is still producing lots of pretty flowers. My nasturtiums have had a bit of a comeback but some things are looking a little dry after the ridiculous heatwave we have been having!

Annie said...

Hello ... so pleased you're back :D
Gorgeous nasturtiums, and you know I love your hunky hounds :D It's way too hot outside for my whippet boys at the moment ... they're sprawled in the shade in the living room, near the fan! Apart from Jim who, predictably, is risking the heat and eating hibiscus buds!

Daisy said...

The squirrels here have been having fun with the walnuts. I keep finding the mess they leave behind with the crumbled hulls from the nuts.

Your flowers are lovely, Lynne, especially so late in the season.

The hounds look quite peaceful there snoozing in the sun. I think they have the right idea. :-D

Happy weekend to you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back! Lots of lovely colour - we ahve hardly any colour in the garden now. The dogs have the right idea - just lie back and relax!!

Zuzana said...

Your photography is always so beautiful, love that first image, so significant of fall.;)
Here we have had some very warm days, but they are soon concluded and that dreary Scandinavian autumn awaits.;)
Have a great Monday,

Margaret said...

Nice to see you back. It has gotten quite cold here. I miss the warm weather already.
The pictures of the hounds just make me want to give them a scratch behind the ears. They are all so cute.

Ash said...

Lovely images. I particularly loved the first one!