Thursday, 24 November 2011

Settling In

I hope you forgive me for doing another 'doggy' post.
But looking through photos from Tuesday,
this first one made me smile,
and I couldn't resist including it in today's post.
Jess is on the right and Arthur on the left.

I don't intend turning this into a doggy blog,
(though Mike has had thoughts of doing his own dog blog).
But I know that Jess's previous owner and friends at the kennels
(do take a look at their website if you have time),
look in here to see how she's doing.
I haven't been posting regularly.
So here's a brief update.

Most days after the morning and afternoon walks,
we go to our bit of land
so the hounds can have a run round.
Jess is very playful and she enjoys running after a ball, frisbee
or other toy.

I liked the way Jess and Arthur were facing the same way
but I couldn't get close enough before they moved.
So it almost looks as though she is on top of Arthur in the photo above.

Jess was interested in someone jogging by
and ran up to the fence
and had a jolly good bark.

Well Mike is due back from the UK this afternoon.
He had another brief trip over there a week earlier.
Before he went, you could see that Jess was besotted with him.
While he was away though she followed me everywhere I went.
She's been the same this time.
She particularly likes hanging out in the kitchen with me when I'm busy.
But I think that's due to hoping she might get a tasty snack or a drink of milk.
But when Mike arrived back,
she was a bit wary of him.
Though I should explain that he was in his motor bike suit,
and he had someone else with him.
It took a while for her to get used to him again,
then he was off again.
I wonder what she'll be like when he gets back today.
I will let you know.


Sandi McBride said...

I don't know, can there be to many doggy posts? I don't think your dogs...

selfsewn@summerfete said...

Hi Lynne don't worry I love your doggy posts!!
Glad Jess is fitting in with your family, I love her splodges!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE posts about the hounds! These photos are wonderful.

Ash said...

We love your doggy posts and please keep them coming!

Kath said...

Oh they are so lovely, so elegant and wise looking.

Daisy said...

Lovely photos, Lynne. I thought the same thing--that it almost looks like Jess is on top of Arthur in the one shot! :-)

Sarah said...

Nothing wrong with a doggy post! I like the photo where Jess looks like she is balancing. The cats really play on Andy's soft side when he gets in. Even if I have fed them five minutes before, Lily will be there telling cat fibs about lack of food, then Cassie will be there hanging off the back of his trousers for treats! I am doing Tiger a diservice as she does not do these things!

Annie said...

More hound love from me. Lovely to see her settling so well x

Zuzana said...

I love your dog posts and can never get tired of them, they are such beautiful dogs.;) And I thought the same immediately, it looks like a smaller dog is on the back of a big one, what a fun illusion.;))

BadPenny said...

ooh love your bright banners in your headder oic & the balancing hound is so funny !

I wonder a) how Dillon & the cats will be with our friends here for a month while we are away and b) how they will be when we come home again !!!