Thursday, 1 December 2011

What's it to be, Fog or Sunshine?

A photo taken this morning from a first floor window.
I liked the mist weaving it's way along the tree covered hillside
The weather hasn't been able to decide what it's up to as the day has progressed.
We've had rain,
followed by sunshine,
and now strong gusts of wind
rattling those same first floor windows.

There's been a lot of fog and mist over the last few weeks.

These photos were taken two days ago.

Then yesterday we got some lovely sunshine.
This photo was taken in the morning.
I loved the long shadows.

In the afternoon,
I did some gardening.

Here's that same village I showed earlier,
only in sunshine.

Well, which do you prefer?


Louvregirl said...

I can't quite get over how much where you live looks like where I live! We have a lot of mist and mountain 'fog/mist' also (although right now we are on the cusp of winter...)It's a regular visitor here! I prefer the foggy shot I suppose but there both are gorgeous!
Have a great day!

do you mind if i knit said...

I'm a sunshine girl myself! The mist is romantic for about five minutes, then it wears off quickly! Your doggies must cast the most WONDERFUL shadows! Vanessa xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Lynne! I prefer sunshine too but I love seeing the difference in the two pictures. The hounds look very happy to be outside! Hope you have enjoyed your day.

Sarah said...

I like both Lynne. I really like the softness of the foggy photos and the brightness of the sunny ones. I just wish the weather was a bit colder. It is just too mild for December!

Jenny Woolf said...

Hmmm, I prefer the sunshine even though fog sometimes suits my mood better. And come to think of it sometimes suits my brain better :)

Annie said...

The weather has been crazy this autumn hasn't it. But I think the gloomy damp days have a certain charm that is all about hot soup and firesides. I love the sunshine, although not the heat, but nothing beats a foggy morning for atmosphere.

Daisy said...

Put my vote down for the sunny side, please! The foggy pictures are nice too, though. Love the long shadows and the pretty flowers. :)

Zuzana said...

Dear Lynne, these are beautiful images in their own right.;) There is something so sweet and melancholic and so evocative of stillness in a foggy landscape, almost poetic, while sunshine drenched surrounding put our senses at ease and makes us feel happy.
Have a lovely weekend,

Kristina said...

I accidentally came across your blog and just wanted to say that you and your dogs should be very happy to live surrounded by such nice scenery! So it doesn't matter if the sun is shining or if it's foggy - it is still beautiful.

Sandi McBride said...

How can you ask me to choose? THey'e all too lovely

Ash said...

I know which picture I prefer, there is just no competition is there! First snowfall of the season here in the Yorkshire Dales today!!!

Kath said...

I just love to see photos of the hound family x