Monday, 5 December 2011

Anticipate Precipitate

I fly to Edinburgh
to see this young man,
my grandson,
and his mother.

Here she is
taking a photo of
me taking a photo of her,
on my last visit to the UK.

I also hope to see my son.
But I don't seem to have a photo of him from my last visit.
Well I do,
it's just that my daughter is on them all,
and she won't like me posting them.

I will be going to the quayside
in Newcastle upon Tyne,

and crossing this bridge
to visit
That's the building on the left of those over the river.
The Turner Prize is being exhibited there.
The prize was awarded today to Martin Boyce.
It will be interesting to view the exhibits.
I haven't been to the Turner Prize exhibition before.
But I have heard quite a lot about previous
Turner Prize exhibitions.

On my last visit to the quayside,
two men stopped to ask me what this building is.
I told them that it is called the Sage
and is a music venue.
They were very impressed by it.

Well, it was May when I last visited the UK.
and the bluebells were flowering.

If I remember correctly,
the weather was pretty poor
the whole time I was there.
I think my flight got delayed on the way back
and I had to spend a few extra days there.
But the weather didn't improve.

This year seems to have flown by.
But some things don't change.
The UK had some of it's first snow of the season,
and it's turned very cold.
I had better pack some warm clothes.
Maybe I'll get some snow pics while I'm there.
Just as long as I manage to get back home
to Mike and the hounds.



Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fun and safe visit. Take care and share lots of pics with us.

Sarah said...

Just watching the news now about the Turner prize. I hope you enjoy the exhibition and your visit with your family. Did you see the news about the news about the pandas going to Edinburgh? Most exciting!

Steve Gravano said...

Have a great visit!

Daisy said...

Your pictures are quite lovely, Lynne. I hope you have a safe trip and a nice visit with your family. Stay warm! :)

Diane said...

Pack your thermals! Enjoy your visit. x

Sandi McBride said...

I wish I were going with you...I'd leave Scotland and head down to Beaconsfield in Bucks and lay a wreath at my darling Bubbles (Violet Loxley's) memorial spot and visit old friends who still remain...and have a lovely Christmas visit...enjoy! Have a scone for me