Tuesday, 6 December 2011

View from a Train Window

We flew through the dark,
being followed by the sunrise,
to land at Edinburgh airport,
still in the dark.
By the time
I reached Edinburgh city centre,
it was light.
I didn't have too long to wait before I caught the train.
It was the first time I got the camera out.
I missed photographing Edinburgh Zoo,
where two Giant Pandas had arrived on Sunday.
I also missed photographing
a camp in a park right in the middle of the city centre.
But I got to photograph
the big wheel that you see in the first photo.

It is part of the Christmas festivities along with
a Christmas Market.
I remember visiting Edinburgh a few winters ago
with a friend and my daughter.
My friend suggested we had a ride on the big wheel.
My daughter declined,
Once at the top,
my friend was having seconds thought too!

As Mike drove me to the airport this morning,
he commented that we were fortunate that there was no snow and ice.
But that was when we were in the valley.
To get to the airport,
we have to drive up a series of hairpin bends,
continually climbing to get out of the valley.
As we continued away from the valley,
we could see snow on the road and either side of it.
We were so surprised that we didn't recognise what it was at first!
But there wasn't as much snow as you see in the next few pictures,
taken from the train window.

The sun was shining too!
It looked lovely
and I couldn't resist taking some photos.
You can see the reflection on the glass in the next picture,
and a blurryness of the trees.

But the train stopped for a while a bit further on,
so I snapped away.

We're on the move again for this next shot.
It's lovely countryside.
It's in the lowlands of Scotland.

But as we crossed the border into England,
the snow had gone.
I found it colder than what I've been used to.
I met my sister at her workplace in the library,
and once she finished work,
we had a walk through the town.
She had some shopping to do.
We made our way to the cathedral.
Where the crypt sells some nice warming soup and cheesy soda bread.

Thanks to my niece
for the use of her computer.
I will have more photos for you tomorrow.
It's a good way for Mike to see what I've been doing.


Ash said...

Lovely pics.... welcome to a cold and snowy britain!

Kath said...

These photos took me back to when we did the journey the other way, from the south of england to gretna green to get married. It was late december and snow lay on the ground. Very romantic!

Daisy said...

Very pretty snow pictures, Lynne. I hope you stay warm and have a nice visit with your family. :)

Louvregirl said...

Love those photos of lowlands of Scotland; it reminds me of here.
C'est tres joli!