Monday, 19 December 2011

Wading Through Treacle

I've been back almost a week,
and I've had a cold
most of that time.
Which is really strange for me
as I haven't had a cold in years.
I haven't been outside the house for almost a week,
in an effort to stay out of the wet blustery weather we've been having.
Poor Mike has been walking the hounds on his own.
I think I got it from travelling on
planes, buses and trains,
while I was away.
Hopefully it will be gone soon,
but today,
I've felt as though I'm wading through treacle.
Being full of cold,
I haven't felt like taking any photos.
So here are the last few from my UK visit.

The day before I left to come back to Germany,
I met my daughter in Newcastle
and we went down to the quayside.
in an effort to be a bit smarter,
I wore my boots instead of my usual trainers.
By the time we got down to the river
I was footsore.
It wasn't so much like wading through treacle,
more like stepping on marbles.

But we continued over the bridge to The Baltic.

Where we visited the Turner Prize exhibition.
Although I enjoyed the visit,
I can't say I understand modern art.
But it was nice to spend more time with my daughter.

I wrote this yesterday
but didn't get round to posting it-
blame it on the cold.
We had snow overnight.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Lynne:
We are so sorry to read that you are feeling under the weather and do hope that you will be well soon. It is so miserable to have a cold as everything just seems to swim around in one's head.

Newcastle really has undergone a drastic regeneration. We have not visited the Baltic Centre but think it all looks so wonderfully dramatic on the river. Perhaps the point of the Turner Prize works is that one has to search for the point?!!!

Daisy said...

The pictures are lovely, Lynne. I hope you are feeling better soon. It always makes me feel worse when I'm sick and then it is cold and blustery outside too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, Sorry to hear you have a cold. Take good care and feel better soon. I really enjoyed these lovely pictures.

Kath said...

Lovely photos, that bird surrounded by ripples deserves a place in a nature magazine.
Get well soon, "just" a cold can drag you down and make you really drained. Dr Kath says hug a hound 3 times a day until symptoms have past (but you probably do that anyway) :-)

Annie said...

I do hope you feel better soon Lynne. Gorgeous photos :D

Zuzana said...

Sorry about the cold, I hope you will get better soon.;) And i so know how it feels to be walking on marbles.;))
Great images.

Ash said...

Hope you feel better soon, Lynne. Lovely photographs!

Sarah said...

I hope you are feeling a bit better by now Lynne! I think there are a whole new load of germs around this year. I have been ill twice and I am normally pretty immune! I hope you and Mike have a lovely Christmas whatever you are up to. x

Zuzana said...

Dear Lynne, just stopping by to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year - thank you so much for your kind visits and comments in the past year,

Margaret said...

I hope that your cold has left you, and the treacle has subsided. Have a wonderful Christmas. My daughter is in Frankfurt as I write, having a wonderful time I'm sure.
I love your two bird pictures!