Monday, 28 July 2014

A Long Way from Home

Such a lovely day today,
I'm so out of practice writing posts,
it takes me ages.
I went for a bike ride.
It was a bit hot to be riding a bicycle.
But I only rode as far as Bernkastel, (7 km.).
I didn't stop to take a photo
until I arrived in Bernkastel,
where I noticed where this cruise ship originally was from,
(or registered?).
It's a long way from home.
River Harmony was registered in Valletta, Malta.
I like seeing the cruise ships on the river.
They are a touch of luxury against the working barges.
It was obvious that lots of people had the same idea of getting out on their bicycles, despite the heat.
Mike met me in Bernkastle. He had left after me, but had come on his motorbike.
We enjoyed an ice cream together under the shade of a tree before going our separate ways.
I continued taking photos.
This is a café half way up the hill to the castle.
There are lovely views across the river from there.
Leaving Bernkastel,
I stopped to take capture this lovely chapel snuggled
in the vineyards.
It's lovely cycling next to the river.
I had more photos to show,
but for some reason,
Blogger prevented me.
We are very fortunate to have such lovely cycle routes.
And such lovely ice cream to enjoy
before embarking on the return journey.
I was so busy enjoying the ice cream,
I forgot to take a photo.


Jill Butler said...

Beautiful photos!

Annie Cholewa (aka knitsofacto) said...

Hello stranger. Beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful ride. My health issues are affecting my balance lately so I can no longer ride my bike ... I'm thinking of getting a trike!

Daisy said...

What a beautiful place you have to ride your bike. I'm not sure how much riding I would get done because I'd want to be stopping to take so many pictures! I love the little chapel in the middle of the vineyard. That seems like such an odd spot for it there. I hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, These are beautiful views you have along your bike route. Hope all is well.

Fun60 said...

So picturesque. I can see why you forgot to take as many photos as you may have wished. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Sarah said...

Hi Lynne!
This sounds like a fun way to spend a day. I am really out of practice riding my bike. I had to ride it to work the other week as the car had a problem. It nearly killed me!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynne, Lovely to see your photos of such a beautiful surrounding countryside. :-)

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