Monday, 20 October 2014


Very sad to say that we lost our Big Boy, Paddy to osteosarcoma today.
He was diagnosed with heart problems a year ago and was given medication on the understanding that it would give him a further 6- 12 months.
On Wednesday, he was diagnosed with bone cancer.
Today Mike drove to a special place to spend some time with Paddy,
just the two of them together.
He says,
'It seemed a special moment in time that we were both caught up in....'
Later, he says that feeling continued, so that when the time came....
'.. it was as though Paddy was calm and as easy as a sleeping baby
and drifted away with only a sense of being at ease.'
I am only sorry that I am in England and unable to share that time with them.  

February 2003- 20th October 2014

There's no two ways about it
Paddy was special.
He was often anxious, and sometimes fretted.
We could never stay long at a friends house,
knowing that Paddy would be wondering where we were.
The other thing he fretted about
Food Time.
I don't know why
because his meals were at regular times every day.
But he loved his food,
right up to the end.
He's the only greyhound I know of that had to go on a diet.
One of his favourite things to do
was to lick all the dishes clean.
Our other greyhounds would stop eating their food part way through and swop bowls.
Not Paddy,
no one swopped with him
because there was nothing left to swop!
He was a most handsome fellow.
He couldn't understand it if we passed people on the footpath and they didn't stop to stroke him.
When people did stop to say hello,
it was Paddy they were drawn to,
and Paddy who would push his way through to be closest to them.
He was a charmer and loved to be stroked.
There will be a big gap in our lives without Paddy.

Left to right: Jewel, Paddy, Rufus, all lost to osteosarcoma,
but together again now.
If you click on 'Paddy'
at the bottom of this post,
you can see more photos or stories about him.


windfee said...

I 've read it at FB . So sorry about your loss :(
Sendig love and strenght to you ♥
Godspeed, Paddy - send a Rainbow to your loved ones, so they will know you arrived savely ♥ Dance with the Angels
Gabriela and houndies

Breeze said...

What a gorgeous boy. So sorry for your loss. Sleep well Paddy x

Natalie Winfield-Biesty said...

So sorry for your loss. Run free Paddy x

Annie Cholewa said...

I am so, so sorry to read this Lynne. Such sad news. Thinking of you xxx

Kath said...

sweet memories of dear Paddy. I have a special affection for the greys, the way they lean against you for love and gaze up with those huge damp eyes. He sounds like a very special soul. Some dogs are like that and people are especially drawn to them.
I'm sad that you weren't able to be there with Mike and the rest of your little family, but I am grateful that Paddy's passing was so peaceful.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about Paddy. He was obviously very special to you both. Take care, Lynne. Alison x

Daisy said...

I know he was so special to you, Lynne, I'm sorry for your loss. He gave love and was loved. Thinking of you.

Archie the wonder dog said...

I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about Paddy. Take care xx

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