Saturday, 2 August 2008

A Long Two Weeks

Did I say two weeks?

Well yes we were away two weeks, and we had a lovely time. But I was wrong when I thought I would have lots of lovely photos to show, particularly of Norway.

We had delibrately decided to travel on 2 bikes and take our time to enjoy Norway. We have travelled through Norway before on bikes and in a car with a caravan, but each time it had a purpose to get us to the ferry. This time we wanted to linger. And enjoy.

The pictures above and below are taken from the ferry. The weather doesn't look too bad does it? But by the time we got off the ferry in Bergen, it was dark grey nearly black (first thing in the morning) and pouring with rain. The policeman who checked my passport said,

"Welcome to our rainy country," as he looked up at the sky.

And so it continued. I am quite used to riding my motor bike in the rain having toured parts of Europe by motor bike on several occasions. No matter how lovely the weather or perhaps because of it there will always be one day at least when we have been caught in a torrential downpour. But it has usually happened on part of the journey or has been on a day out from where we have been staying. But this was different. It rained from before getting off the ferry until we finally made it into Sweden where the sun was shining. Boy did we get wet. Despite wearing the correct gear for the conditions, it cannot prevent the rain dripping down your clothes to form a constant puddle in which you are sitting and in your boots. And did I mention my gloves. My hands were wet and cold, not good when you are riding a bike.
These are the bikes we were riding, laden up with tent and sleeping bags, but it was so wet we didn't camp we stayed in the stuga for one night before crossing over into Sweden for midsommer.

No sooner were we home (in Sweden) than we were off to friends to help them celebrate. We had two parties to go to and very good they were to. It was great to see our friends again.

It was lovely to be back in our Swedish home which we had missed. Everything was looking so lush. And I loved being back in the garden. I even did a bit of gardening.

I had plenty of time to do some sewing. So I:-

  • started a dinosaur cushion for my grandson to match his quilt
  • completed the stitching on some foundation piecing ready to become a small cushion
  • finished the binding on a potholder that I was trying out a quilting design
  • and did a bit more to my hexagon quilt that I started years ago. It's travelled with me on various holidays

We travelled back a different route, and this little fella was hitching a ride on the ferry.

Mike relaxing in the cabin...

Mike back home with his pals.

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