Sunday, 10 August 2008

Updates- Vegetables

Excursions into growing vegetables have been less successful than I'd hoped.

I've been growing 3 tomato plants indoors, each a different variety. Top picture shows Gardeners delight which are cherry tomatoes. They are the most successful in that they have the most trusses of tomatoes on. They are the only ones so far to ripen, but the taste is disappointing.

The tomatoes above are the variety Moneymaker and my dad used to grow these very successfully on the smallholding. And although the ones in the picture are beginning to ripen now since I took the picture a few days ago, there aren't many of them.

There is a third plant, but it wasn't even worth taking a photo of it.

This plant however has been very prolific. Unfortunately I bought it thinking it was Bell Peppers and instead it is a chillie plant, and we don't eat many chillies. And yes they are quite hot!

The allotment hasn't fared much better. After getting the allotment we decided that we wouldn't be staying in the UK so my ideas to grow fruit didn't materialise as I didn't think I would be here to eat it. So anything I did grow was to be harvested by September. In the end I kept it simple. I just put more onions and potatoes in and they are currently being harvested and eaten, and very nice they are too.

I've also grown some strawberries in the allotment. I was given some plants by a woman who has a plot across from me. She's been doing it for years and is very good at it. Unfortunately we were away in Sweden when the strawberries had their main crop. Surprisingly though I did get some fruit from them and they were lovely.

Other plants I've grown (or planted) are:-

dahlias- the snails got them! Yes I know these aren't vegetables, but I like them

carrots-haven't grown any bigger than my little toe, and a lot thinner!

salad leaves- growing okay

sweetcorn- grown at my son's request and seem to be doing okay...I think

Well perhaps not the most successful of vegetable growers, but I can only get better. As I intend growing more vegetables next year in Sweden I think this years growing will have proved very useful as a learning experience, if nothing else!

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