Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Uniform of Greyness

Ullswater in all it's greyness.

Whenever I'm in the UK I like to try and at least get to The Lakes,
even if I don't manage a walk, (a proper one).
One of my favourite places is Ullswater.
(I'll see if I can get our other computer to do the link properly, this one still won't highlight words!)

I was only in the UK for a week,
and the weather deteriorated following our walk, (see yesterday's post).
But I was determined to get into The Lakes.
So my sister and I took a trip on what turned out to be a very cold day.
At one point I pointed across the lake to where I thought I saw snow
of all things.
And right enough, on the local news that evening they reported snow having fallen!
Despite the cold and some rain,
we took a walk along the lakeside.
I thought it very considerate of the family in red to stand there
lending a bit of brightness to an otherwise grey pallor.

I don't know whether it was the cold numbing my brain as well as my fingers,
but the lake slopes...

I managed to get it right with this next one.

Sailing is quite popular on the lake.
I don't think I've ever been sailing,
boating yes,
but not sailing.

The cold didn't seem to bother this family.

But I did wonder whether these fishermen felt the cold.

This is one of the steamers that run regularly on the lake.
I've travelled on them a few times, and no matter what the weather is like,
it is a lovely way to see the lake and the fells.

Despite the weather,
Ullswater is always worth seeing.

Just a shame I didn't have anymore half decent photos of the lake.


Anonymous said...

Oh how very pretty but it does look cold!

Anna said...

Hej Lynne! I hope this can be helpful,


Daisy said...

Even though cold and gray, it still looks like quite a lovely spot.