Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Crochet, crochet

I always have some sewing on the go,

usually several things,


more like

tens of things.
But last year
I fancied a spot of crocheting.
It had been some time since I last picked up a crochet hook.

I wanted to make some Granny squares.
One of the reasons

I like crochet so much

is because you can just make it up as you go along,


I had a go at making some squares.
But I wasn't convinced by any of these.

It wasn't until earlier this year
that I came across a pattern that I liked
over at Attic24.
And unusually for me
I went ahead and crocheted 25 squares,
straight off,
enough for the front of a cushion.
I need to choose some fabric to make the cushion,
before sewing up the loose ends,
blocking the squares
and stitching.
I like the colours I've chosen.
And I enjoyed making them

I've been so smitten with crocheting
that my sewing has taken a back seat.
I was hoping to make great progress with my hexagon quilt.
But I haven't,
it got put away for a while.
I was so keen to carry on crocheting
that I bought some wool when I was in the UK.
It's a double knit wool,
an important fact
when it might just as easily find itself tucked away for a long period of time.
But more importantly
there were lots of colours to choose from.
So I limited myself to 6.
I also had to consider what would fit in my hand luggage on the way home.

I've used flash on all of these photos,
and I don't think the colours look as nice as they really are.

I already have my next project lined up courtesy of Vanessa from Do you mind if I knit,

Apologies, can you Google Attic24 and Do you mind if I knit.
I will put them up when I can, only I cannot get the punctuation I need!!!
These !!!!! exclamations are okay I see!!!!

Edited to add:

In fact reading through this post you can see that I have written it at different times because sometimes I can use a question mark but not others.
And while Im at it, why do I spend ages getting the spacing right with my lines
and then when I post
the computer does its own thing.

Well back to crocheting...
Did I say 6 balls?
Yes, there was a lovely deep pink in amongst them as well.
Now , where did it get to?

On my travels to the UK
I took a handful of crochet hooks with me.
My sister had mentioned she wanted to learn to crochet.
She had taken a couple of crochet books out of the library
with the intention of learning to crochet
so she could make some softies.
But she hadn't mastered it,
or perhaps she hadn't tried,
I'm not sure.
So I showed her the rudiments of
foundation chain and a couple of stitches.
She was quick to learn
and soon got the hang of it.
Then my daughter joined us for the weekend.
I showed her how to crochet.
She started out a bit awkward
and unsure whether she would ever get the hang of it.
But after an unsteady start

she got into the swing of it.
She was really enjoying it
and keen.
So when she left to return home,
the pink ball of wool went with her.
I'm sure it's gone to a good home.
After all she sews some nifty little softies
as you can see from this owl she made for me a while back.

Ive written about it before
last year.
It sits in my workshop.
A lovely inspiration.

Back to my Ripple blanket.
The pattern for this is also care of Attic24.
Once I had finished crocheting my granny squares
I was still keen to continue crocheting.
So I looked around and I found a collection of wool,
various amounts,
different thicknesses,
random colours.
Most from some that mum had used for knitting.
So in true repurposed fashion
I fashioned them into my blanket.
I had seen The Ripple countless times in blogs
and I never imagined making one myself,
too time consuming,
even boring!
But no, not at all.
I started and I love doing it!
It's rhythmic,
True the colours would not be my first choice,
and the wools are a mixture
so I'm having to be creative with my tension to allow for the difference in the wools.
But I love it
and I will be so pleased when I get it finished,
and that will be whenever the wool runs out,
finish it I will.

This post has been sitting around for ages
waiting for me to finish it.
I think because the computers
yes both of them,
just will not behave as I expect them to,
so it makes posting very frustrating at times!
Anyway since starting this post
two weeks ago!

my daughter has started her own blog
which if you would like to call and visit her, you can either Google Take your love to spar,
or click on Siobhans comment on Little Things, my previous post.
Im sorry, but I am having problems with both of the computers in different ways!!!
She has some more of her owls in her first post.

I think I will post this now while I have the chance.
Im sure I could have written tis better, but.......
Or is it me!!


Anonymous said...

I would love to crochet. My grandma tried to teach me but I never quite got the hang of it. What a nice hobby for you with the cold weather you have for so many months.

Sarah said...

No-it's computers!
I love your crocheting-especially the ripple blanket-the colours are lovely actually-they may be random but they work! I have no idea how to crochet but would love to learn some day. It is definitely the type of thing for someone to show you rather than looking at a book.

siobhan said...

I crocheted ALL the way home on the train and then I bought 2 books about it but I can only remember the really complicated stitches and not the easy ones. Odd. I like the blanket, its pretty. I thought it was shop bought from the pics. Don't you think that perhaps you should finish off someones 16th...18th...21st birthday quilt though. no? procrastinator extrodinaire. hehe.

Anonymous said...

I love your granny sqaures!
I am totally addicted to crochet, I've only been crcoheting for almost 4 month, and I swear, I'm hooked (no pun inteneded, lol). xxxxxx

Daisy said...

Your crochet is so pretty, Lynne. I haven't crocheted for quite some time but I used to do it a lot. It is relaxing to get into the rhythm of it once you know the pattern that you are working on. Hope you get your computer problems ironed out soon. Have a good weekend! :)