Monday, 3 August 2009

A to Z Monday ... Letter W

W is for water.
Another A to Z Monday hosted by Jen @ unglazed.
I am thankful for this A to Z Monday as it is acting as a prompt for me to blog.
We now have the use of one computer,
the other one refuses to switch on!
So we are sharing,
and whereas I would normally use the other computer in the evening to catch up,
this one gets used as a TV!
Even this computer is acting up,
I cannot respond to my emails, but at least I can still read them.
So if my sister is reading this,
that is why I have not replied to your email.

I got up a bit earlier today
to go down to the lake to take some photos.
it was a grey morning.
So the water and the sky
are grey.
a little bit of interest in the next photo...
The green you can see is a floating island!
It is made up of reeds, grasses and has trees growing on it.
Bog Island!
Our friends who told us about it had to look up their word in the dictionary and came up with the word, bog!
Yes we said, that makes sense.
With all the heavy rain and bad weather weve been having
the floating island has floated all the way up from the other end of the lake!
Enough grey.
I will leave you with a photo taken in the summer of 2006,
that glorious summer in Europe.

A back view of me having had a swim in the lovely blue lake you can see.
Quite a different colour from how it looked this morning.
Its the same lake but from a different position.
The water usually gets lovely and warm in the summer.
But I havent tried swimming in it so far this year.
I think I will have to take another trip down to the lake as the sun is shining now!


Yiota said...

I like your word for today -water, so priceless! As for the weather, it's blazing hot here so I wouldn't mind being where you are.
Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely lake, even with the grey weather. Great A-Z post.

Jen said...

Love you lake photos even in the grey mood.
Happy W Monday Lynne

Chris said...

The weather here is grey at the moment. I love the idea of a floating island. Bet the wildlife get a little confused tho.
Hope the computers start behaving themselves.

noelle said...

you have been tagged!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those are great pictures..even for a gray day!!

Dawn said...

your pictures are great! i'd love to be sitting right there!

Cassie said...

Great W word and photos! Liked the one with the back of (your?) head. Very artsy! Welcome to A -Z Mondays!

Margaret said...

I like the pictures, even though they are grey. And the floating island is really quite interesting! Can you stand on it, or will your feet fall through?

Ben said...

That looks like some wonderful water to be visiting!

Daisy said...

Lovely water photos, Lynne. The lake looks peaceful even when it is grey. Hope you have a great week! :D

Sandi said...

What a pretty lake in either cloudy or sunny weather. The floating island is interesting too. It would be a safe haven for birds.
Hope your computer recovers soon, it is so annoying when a computer is not working properly!

kendalee said...

Lynne, thank you for your lovely, supportive words!

And I find these watery greys beautiful. Strange 'cause I don't really love a grey day but there is something very soothing about these... And I do love how water reflects so many moods. The summer day mood you've captured is gorgeous in a whole different way. :)

Teresa said...

Hi Lynne!

Loved viewing your photos. Would love to visit Sweden one day (on my Bucket List!).

I'm finally out of the blueberry bushes. Been a hot, tiring job this year. I'm looking forward to Fall (Autumn to you!)