Sunday, 16 August 2009


This weekend we joined some friends with their Crayfish festivities.
The menfolk had already been out collecting the crayfish.
They go out on boats and put out pots which are left overnight.
The contents are collected later the same night or in the morning.
The photo below and the one of the sunset
were both taken by Mike in 2006 when he went out
on the boats for the crayfish,
needless to say he didn't stay out all night
but the others did I believe on that occasion,
building a camp fire on one of the islands.
It was quite an experience.
In this photo you can see the type of pots that are used.
They are freshwater crayfish
and need the freshest and cleanest of waters to survive.

This year Mike and I only joined them for the Saturday evening
when the crayfish have been cooked.
They are usually boiled in water flavoured with salt and dill.
Of course it is traditional to serve the crayfish with plenty of alcohol!
Akvavit (Snaps) is generally served.
Our host however had bought a special drink for Mike!
He was well chuffed!
Our host as always had provided a lovely aray of food.
But it was so delicious that I'm afraid I tucked in before taking any photos.
Well I didn't want to hold up the proceedings!
I did take a photo of dessert however.
It was a lovely evening
As usual we dined outdoors on the terrace overlooking the lake.
As it got later and a bit cooler
I moved to sit by the fire
where we sat and chatted
Rounding the evening off nicely
leaving a feel of warmth, reflection
and mellowness.


Cassie said...

Decided to go back and read your earlier posts. My mouth is now watering for some yummy crustaceans. Guess I'll have to wait til I get back to Phoenix and visit Papadeaux's my fave Cajun restaurant!

Sandi said...

What a great experience, catching your own crayfish and eating them with friends. What a great day that would have been. The dessert table looks nice too.

Daisy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The dessert looks delicious! Love the beautiful sunset photo, Lynne. Happy weekend to you! :D