Monday, 17 August 2009

A-Z Monday, Letter U


What a lot of use they have been getting this summer.

So much that they are worn out and need to be replaced.

This must be one of the wettest summers I have ever known.

We have told our Swedish friends not to laugh about British summers.

This Swedish summer has been so wet.

Not only rain most days


heavy, heavy rain,

and thunderstorms.

But you wouldn't want to go out in a thunderstorm with your umbrella up

would you?

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Margaret said...

I like your post. We had a wet spring, but not a lot of rain this summer.

Boy, those crayfish look good! Or as they say down south, "mudbugs".

Cassie said...

Good U!! It just finished raining (& hailing) here for 4 days and nights. Now it is supposed to warm up a bit. Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Great U post and what a beautiful photograph you have shared. Have a grand week.

Ben said...

So Sweden is where all the rain went! (We are finally getting a lot this week, though)

Daisy said...

I could have used one today. Went to work and it was pouring down. I thought I had the umbrella in my car, but I didn't. I got drenched on the way from the car to the building. Happy Monday, Lynne! :)

Yiota said...

Hey Lynne!
That's the word I thought of before reading your post.
Is that gorgeous garden yours?

Jen said...

Happy A-Z on Monday to U Lynne.
Love your picture- that rain has done a good job at keeping your garden green. ;)

Sandi said...

Your garden is looking lovely in the sunshine. Great post on the letter 'U'.
We are looking forward to rain here.

vanessa said...

The eternal rain, I sympathise! Our predicted bbq summer has been anything but, here in the North of England!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

noelle said...

lovely post and i do love to look at all your cakes in the sidebar ymmmmm!

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you have had so much rain. For once this summer has been greasun most of the time-I can't get over it-it's so weird!