Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A~Z Monday letter V

Welcome, says the sign in Swedish.
And of course begins with the letter 'V'.
I'm a bit late with my A-Z Monday hosted by Jen http://unglazed.blogspot.com/
The sign is outside the cafe in the village
where we went for lunch last week.

Broccoli soup

Simple food but tasty.

The decor was simple too,
if a little faded
and old.
It is an old building and I wonder just how old the wallpaper is.

But it has a certain charm
which I just can't capture with the camera.

I don't think it would be to everyones taste.
But we like it.

The welcome is friendly.
And it is all very informal.

So why was I late with this post?
Well we had Very much rain,
with Very loud thunder,
which made Jewel and Rufus two of our hounds
shake and quiver with fear Very much.
Rufus finally found sanctuary under the dining table which had been pushed into the corner.
Jewel settled a little better
happy enough just to be next to me.
When we have thunder here it circles the house
and the 'mountain' it is on
for hours.
And when that happens I have to pull out all the plugs connecting the computer to the internet lest we loose connection permanently.
So that is why I couldn't post yesterday.


Anonymous said...

What a great post for V! I absolutely love the pictures of where you had lunch. That wallpaper is so charming and the food looks delicious. I am so happy you joined us for A-Z!

Jen said...

Happy belate Monday Lynne--
I am late commenting too, so ..
Lovely V post-the lunch looks diVine. great pictues.

Daisy said...

I like this post Very much, Lynne! I like your choice for the letter "V." Lunch looks delicious and the restaurant you visited does indeed look welcoming and charming. Happy week to you. :)

Sarah said...

Ooh thunder storms-I love them! I remember we always used to unplug the tv when I was young-I still do it now even though we have cable-I just don't know if it is necessary or not! So unscientific. Your cafe looks lovely-right down to the truck on the floor. Hope the dogs have recovered from their fright.
Sarah x

Sandi said...

Yes, great post for the letter 'v'. The cafe does look very charming and welcoming. (and lunch looked very nice too, it is making me hungry :)

Ben said...

Your tardiness is excused! Great post and interesting pictures. For some reason, I like that toy truck that has gotten to the end of its journey.