Sunday, 9 August 2009

Look to the Skies

I had a fabulous day yesterday
doing something I haven't done in a long time.
I went to an airshow.
I love airplanes.
I can't tell you much about them,
but I like them.
If it hadn't been for our friend who took me, I wouldn't even have known it was on!
Mike was invited too of course,
but he isn't bothered about watching aircraft,
whereas I love it.
Back in the UK the largest free airshow in Europe takes place not far from where we live.
I've ended up going on my own
because no one else was interested!

As you can see from this photo, we were not far from the airstrip.
The parachutists gathered together once they had all landed.
I was trying to get a photo of them when they started running across the runway.
It was only when I had taken the photo and moved the camera that I saw the reason for them running,
a plane was heading towards them!

This is a jet from the Netherlands Airforce.
You can see from the sky that the day by and large was lovely.
It was getting a bit too hot.
But then the clouds rolled in and threatened rain.
But it didn't so we stayed dry but cooler.

There was lots to see,
I've only put a selection here.
The first photo is a Spitfire
can't miss including such a worthy aircraft.
But there was a very fast noisy Swedish Aircraft with Saab engines
which made everyone stop look and listen.
You couldn't help but listen, the noise from it's engines was deafening,
I had forgotten how loud they can be.
In sharp contrast gliders sailed through the air effortlessly,
and soundlessly, tailing pink vapours from their wingtips.
I was amazed to see them doing stunts such as looping the loop and climbing vertically
only to slip back the way it had come.
I think that was from an 18 year old pilot too!
There was also a very popular stunt aircraft pilot,
the best in the world I was told.
He seemed quite a character and the crowds loved him.

One of the great things about this show was being so close to the airstrip,
the planes,
the pilots,
and the action!

Hope your weekend is an action packed one
filled with whatever you want it to be action packed with.
Maybe food, sun, lazing.......


Rosa-Munda said...

Lynne, Your day at the air show looks exciting. The stunts in the old planes must need a lot of skill. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. Ros

Anonymous said...

I enjoy air shows too Lynne. It amazes me how close you were to the action and what clear, vivid images you were able to capture. This was lots of fun.

Daisy said...

That must have been an exciting day for you, Lynne. You got some really great pictures. You really were close to the action! I'm glad you got to go. :)

Teresa said...

I love the vintage planes!

kendalee said...

Looks like you had a great time Lynne! I've been to a couple of airshows (I have brothers and nephews who like planes) and although I know absolutely nothing about them, I found I quite enjoyed being so close to the planes and seeing them in action. It's still a marvel to me that they work!

Your pictures are brilliant - thanks for sharing them!

Sandi said...

How exciting, I've never been to an airshow, it would be fun!

Sarah said...

I'm with you on airshows! I once saw the red arrows-awesome is the only word that does them justice! When we were on holiday every so often really loud and fast jets would pass overhead without warning. That sorted the locals from the visitors!