Monday, 24 August 2009

A - Z Monday~ Time to Move On

T is for~


No I'm not going to own up to being a time traveller.
But isn't it funny how time behaves?

How one moment you have lots of time,
then before you know it
the time is up,
gone in a flash,
and all the things you had meant to do
you haven't got round to.
And all the things you still HAVE to do,
well time is still moving on
and unless you continue to work hard at what you have to do,
things won't get done.

Earlier this year I didn't blog for a while.
I didn't feel able to.
It was a time of reflection,
a time of thinking about what is important to us,
for Mike and I.
Decision time?

I don't like making decisions.
Mike and I had returned to our house in Sweden.
Intending to make it our permanent home.
It's our dream house really
because that is what it is to us.
We both love the house.
Part of it dates back to the early 1900's.
The kitchen has been added on to the west side of the house
and you step down 3 steps into it.
To the north side of the house
an extra living space has been added with bedrooms and bathrooms off it.
Again you step down 3 steps into that area of the house.
It adds character to an already traditional Swedish Torpet.
In the old part of the house the front door which faces south
leads into the hall.
The sitting room is off to your right (east) as you come in.
It has 3 windows,
one each facing out to the north, east and south.
It is a very light and sunny room
and overlooks the forest.
That is all you can see from this room,
and the garden.
We have spotted lots of wildlife from these windows.
Deer of course and birds of all types being the main ones.
But also a fox, and once we watched as a Jay caught a snake,
(presumably a grass or smooth snake),
and hit it against the rocks before flying off with it.
I have some photos on the other computer,
(you know, the one that isn't working).
I had intended sharing these with you.
Hopefully I still can when the computer gets fixed.
The dining room is off to your left
as you come into the house.
Like the sitting room and the hallthe ceilings are low.
When I stand up in these rooms
I can easily put my palms flat on ceiling
and my elbows are bent.
The doorways are even lower and even I at 5 foot 8
have to be careful to just duck my head as I walk through them.
Yes we have had a few bumps on the head
so we have a star
a left over Christmas decoration
hanging from the dining room door lintel to remind us to duck!
For some reason
that is quite a bit lower than the sitting room
though the ceilings are the same height.
The house, typically Swedish is made of wood.
I realise I could go on and on describing our lovely Swedish house
the space and the peace and quiet that surrounds it,
I should have sorted through some photos for you,
(maybe I can still do that another time).
But of course that is what I am short of
because on Thursday
we are setting off for pastures new.
Yes, you heard me right.
We are setting off
on our travels again.
We are leaving our beautiful house here in the forest,
our lovely friends,
and this amazing country.

I was missing family and friends,
Mike was finding the winter
long and hard.
So we thought long and hard.
We decided that we would return to the UK.

we are taking a detour.
We will be setting off early on Thursday morning for pastures new.
We will be travelling slowly
and taking 3 days to get where we are going.
We are taking 2 vehicles as we each will be driving.
Well we do have 3 hounds travelling with us,
and some of our possesions.
Where are we travelling to?
Well I leave you to guess for the time being.

So that just leaves the tired bit.
That's how you feel when you have been packing up a house, workshop, garage, outhouses, etc...

I desperatly wanted to write this post back when we were considering what to do, but I couldn't. Then of course when the time was right to do it, I didn't feel able.

It has been a very hard decision to make.

I've just realised~T is for Thursday too.


Anonymous said...

I am stunned but I certainly wish you two all the best in your new endeavor! Keep us posted.

Sarah said...

Hi Lynne,
I did wonder about you when you were not blogging much. I am glad that this was the reason and nothing bad. This is obviously a hard thing for the two of you to do but it must also be the right thing or you wouldn't be doing it. Lots of luck wherever you go next-I am intrigued! Get some good sleep before you leave!
Sarah x

Yiota said...

I loved the description of your swedish home. Good luck with what's ahead of you. You certainly are adventurous people.
Take Care!

Sue said...

WOW! What a revelation! It certainly is a major decision to make a move like that...especially when you love your home so much. But "home is where the heart is", right? You, Mike and your babies will make a home wherever you end up. Can't wait to hear more about your destination!

Jen said...

Happy Monday Lynne!
Good luck to you on your decision.

Margaret said...

Good luck in your travels. Things new always leave open the opportunity for adventure. How exciting for you!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Wishing you the best of luck in your travels. It seems like this decision has been weighing on you..I hope that it ends up being a wonderful experience for you both.

Ben said...

Happy Trails! I guess, since you are driving, the destination isn't over here in the US...

Sandi said...

Hi Lynne,
What a surprise. Wishing you both good luck on the move to your new destination. Yes, and do keep us posted about your new adventure.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Oh Lynne,

I am new to your blog so I was just getting settled and comfortable! Your Swedish house sounds idyllic and am intrigued as to where you are off now...

My father has (and still has) a new idea every 50 seconds so I feel as if I have travelled all over the world mentally. I like change and I hate change. Are all of us like that?

I hope that your travellings bring good things and wishing you the best of luck. I hope to follow your adventures. :)

Daisy said...

This must have been a pretty difficult decision for you to make. Here's to what is ahead. Wishing you every blessing. :)

Sweetina said...

What a surprise! Can't wait to see where you go next. Will you keep your Swedish home so you may return and visit?
God Bless and will be checking back.