Friday, 7 August 2009

A Bit of Colour

The sun is shining today
so I thought I would go get me some colour.

The Cornflowers,
and Nasturtiums
I grew from seed.

These berries are in a wild bit behind the house.
We passed them this morning as we came back from a walk in the forest
with the hounds.
A feast for the birds
I'm sure.

I've been waiting for the Clematis to flower.
There were lots of buds just biding their time.
Yesterday one flower opened,
and today there are more.

The Poppies are scattered across the garden,
in various flower beds.
Mike thinks they look untidy!
But I think they are pretty,
so I don't care!

I always love Nasturtiums.
Their unruly habit seems to suit me.
These are in a window box with some herbs.
They are all going past their best now
and I can see some seeds.
I will collect them for next year.
More unrulyness!

my favourite colour.

Not sure what this is.
It's a shrub.
A lovely pink don't you think.
I hope you are in the pink today!


Yiota said...

OOh, I loooove flowers! Look at all those colours. Thanks for posting these.

Anonymous said...

How very colorful. Some areas of my flowers are rather unruly, but I notice the butterflies don't seem to mind!!! Thank you for the tour of your pretty flowers and have a lovely weekend.

Maggie May said...

I just love those colours.
Beautiful flowers and photos.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Gorgeous photos. Thank you for coming over to mine, Lynne. Thank you for your questions and support - much, much appreciated! Hx

Daisy said...

Wow, what gorgeous flowers you have, Lynne! I enjoyed seeing all the pretty colors. Thank you for sharing these. :)

kendalee said...

Oh how lovely! Cornflowers and Nasturtiums are amongst my favourite flowers... Do you use the Nasturtiums (flowers or leaves) in salads? They have a lovely peppery flavour.

Sandi said...

Lovely flowers in your garden, Lynne. Thanks for taking us for a walk around your garden.