Monday, 20 July 2009

A-Z Monday

I thought I would join Jen over at to post a picture to illustate the letter of the week.
This week is the turn of the letter Y.

My favourite colour is yellow,
and you already know that I love flowers.
So what better way to post my first picture for A-Z Monday by combining the two.
I'm not sure what the flowers are,
maybe Strife?
They grow like weeds anyway,
so easy to grow,
they grow themselves.
I think they look nice against the green.
We have several splurges of them in our garden,
unkempt things they are.
A yellow splash of colour.
Just how I like my flowers.

My first offering for A-Z Monday!
I look forward to future Mondays.
Pop over to Jen's to see who else is participating.

The flowers are not the only things that are wayward round here.
Our computer is acting up!
It means I'm not able to get round and visit people as I would like.
I started today's post and then had to leave and come back to it when the computer agreed to co-operate.
It's all very frustrating!

Ahh well,
these things are sent to try us.
Let's hope I manage a post tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Lovely yellow! A-Z Monday sounds fun! We have been having problems with our computer too and have rashly bought a new one which we are too scared to get out the box! Well that's not strictly true-but you have to create your own recovery discs which I can't quite believe-and they don't even provide the blank discs. maybe tomorrow!

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Lynne,
Your flowers are lovely - we have some of these crazy flowers too. Thank you for naming them! Ros

Anonymous said...

Such bright, cheerful YELLOW flowers Lynne. Glad you joined our group of A-Z that Jen hosts each week.

Jen said...

Welcome LYnne and HappY MondaY to You--is it still Monday there in Sweden?ha
Great show of the letter Y!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The flowers are gorgeous...I love any plant that takes care of itself too!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Hi Lynne!

Welcome to A-Z Mondays!!! I love your Y post. I also love the color yellow, and although my garden has been neglected due to long hours at work, I also love gardening.

Ok, can I just tell you that I love that you have three greyhounds!? So adorable. I love dogs more than words can describe.

We have good friends who rescued two greyhounds from life after the race track...their names are Forrest and Jenny from the movie "Forrest Gump". How cute is that?

Glad you've joined us!

Kath said...

Hello Lynne, jsut arrived from the Hexalong. I love your 3 greyhounds! We have 2 whippet lurchers, who like yours, love to sleep all day on the settee and dont like the rain.Come over and visit us sometime, best wishes Kath

Daisy said...

Pretty flowers, Lynne! Yellow is my favorite color. Welcome to A To Z on Mondays. :D I hope your computer gets fixed soon.

Ben said...

Hey, welcome to A-Z land (actually now in the Z-A phase!) Nice post and looking forward to future ones!

Heidi said...

The flowers are lovely! Sorry to hear you are still having troubles with your computer. I was happy to see that you did get to stop by for a visit. Thanks for your comments on my quilt blocks. The boat is not one you would see as I designed it myself. It is a paperpiecing pattern.

Hugs ~
Heidi (From a windy and rainy Holland. How about you?)