Sunday, 8 May 2011

Buttercups and Blue Sky

It has been another hot day here.
More like summer than spring.
So I chose to walk the hounds in the shade.
We were on the other side of the river for a change.
It affords a good view of our neighbouring village.
The church is quite distinct
even though it's in the background here.

We stopped for a rest
I think Jewel's admiring the view.

You might have to click on this last photo to see the fox in the centre.
We disturbed it while it was sunbathing.
I saw a leap of brown that I thought to be a fox,
it was only a while later that I saw it below us.
I think it was enjoying the sunshine.

Fortunately, the hounds didn't see it.

Has the sun been shining where you are today?


Kath said...

How lovely.What beautiful blue skies! We had sun and later, rain, but with a rainbow :-D

harmony and rosie said...

What fabulous scenery you have, I'm sure you must never tire of that view.

Yiota said...

Thanks for the walk in the sunshine!
We only had about an hour of sunshine today. It doesn't really feel like May!

Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful blue sky and buttercups. That is a spectacular view, I could picture myself just sitting there daydreaming the day away.

Daisy said...

Lovely photos, Lynne. I love the buttercups. Looks like a beautiful day. It was sunny and nice here today too. :)

Ash said...

Thunderstorms here for the last couple of nights but really needed, we have had such an abnormally dry April - my poor plants in the garden were parched!! All the lambs born in the fields around me during april must have wondered what was happening in their world - the lightning was quite spectacular - for me snuggled up at home with the fire lit!! :)

Zuzana said...

Beautiful photography dear Lynne, as always.;))
Love buttercups, these images bring back memories of the meadows of my childhood.;)
Here the weekend has been gorgeous too, we have had some amazing 3 weeks of sunshine - very unusual and it indeed looks and feels like summer even here in Scandinavia.;)
Have a lovely sunny Monday,