Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Family Portrait

It has been so hot lately
that at the end of our afternoon walks,
the hounds and I
have ourselves a rest
before getting in the van for the short drive home.
They have a drink of water
and settle themselves down.
It's a nice way to finish a walk while it is so hot.

In the photo,
Arthur is sitting at the back.
It's very unusual to see any of our hounds sitting,
except for Rufus sometimes,
and then only briefly.
But I think that's the first time I've ever seen Arthur sit.

Clockwise from Arthur is Jewel
our only lady hound.

Rufus is at the front.
He's been upset by the thunder tonight
but fortunately it's stopped now,
so I can go to bed.

Paddy is the white one.
He's big for a greyhound
and he finds the weather too hot at the moment.
He will often have a lie down part way round.
It used to be difficult to get him to relax
and settle anytime we wanted to have a sit down and admire the views.
Now it's him deciding to take a break.

I'm quite pleased with this photo.
At least none of them ran off while I was taking the photos.
Maybe next time,
I can work on them looking towards the camera.


Anonymous said...

I know how hard it is to photograph my 4 pets together. You did a great job with the hounds. They are precious.

Claus said...

Such pretty picture! Note to self: photograph Lucas and Mateo when back from a walk. That way, while they rest, they can stay still! :o)

have a nice day!

Daisy said...

That is a wonderful photo, Lynne. Other than when they are sleeping, I would imagine it isn't often that they are all together in one place and holding still!

Kath said...

How lovely. I find it hard enough getting 2 to sit for a photo!
I was told years ago that long backed dogs find it much more comfortable to lay rather than sit, I would say that is true for my 2 lurchers.
Your family certainly looks very contented, maybe take another with husband snoozing in the middle LOL

Teresa said...

LOL! Laughed when I saw the title of the photo! Nice of the "kids" to all be cooperative while you worked the camera!

Ash said...

I have enough on my hands with the one furry addition - well done you.

Tracey said...

Oh they're all lovely ... I always enjoy a doggy family portrait! :)

Margaret said...

If I tried that with my two, I think that I would get a blur of fur. That's a marvelous picture of your beauties! You should print and frame it.

Zuzana said...

Oh, that is just lovely! I bet it was difficult to get them all sitting in one picture at one time.;)) What beautiful dogs!