Friday, 6 May 2011

Swan Update

Before Easter I had to have some emergency dental treatment,
I had toothache!
Yesterday I went to pay the bill.
I took my camera,
as I knew that before Easter they had this lovely little display outside the door.
I had taken my camera on an earlier visit, but the batteries had given up,
so I was hoping that it was still there.
It was!

On the way to the dentist
I stopped by to see how the swans are doing.

Obligingly she was rearranging her eggs when I arrived,
and I got a photo of them.
There's three at least.

They have their own little fan club.

This last photo shows one of the holiday cruise ships
that frequent the river.
Bernkastel seems to be one of their stops.
It's a lovely way to see the river.
I don't think the swan is very impressed with it though.

Enjoy your weekend.


Sarah said...

The swan's eggs are so big! It would be lovely to have a cruise up the river on a sunny day. I got Gabriel's postcard yesterday-can you thank him for me and say I really liked the card? Thanks!

Yiota said...

The display is lovely!
How nice it would be to take a cruise along the river and see the swans... bliss!

Claus said...

Swans! aren't they lovely, delicate and elegant?! How wonderful that they are out there and people respect them. Unfortunately, I have to admit, that wouldn't be the case here in Guatemala.
thank you for sharing! and have yourself a great weekend!

Kath said...

I wondered how they were getting on, thanks for the update!


Hi! Thanks for returning my visit... I lived in a little town called Bad Munstereifel, just outside Bonn. I was the English Assistant at the local school - a long time ago! Your bit of Germany looks lovely.

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

Lovely peaceful photos. Have a nice weekend too.
Lucy xx

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to get the chance to visit the swans - I wonder if she will stay in the same area after her eggs hatch?
Wishing you & yours a very lovely day, Lynne!
~ Zuzu