Monday, 25 April 2011

Swanning Around

Here are the photos I was telling you about yesterday,
even though the post is dated for today.
I took so long between starting it and posting it.

The first photo is taken just down from the swimming baths.
It just gives a different perspective of the river to the one I usually photograph.
Also the path/cycle track runs right next to the river.
A downside if you're a bit wobbly on a bicycle maybe!

This set of 5 photos shows a swan that's made it's nest
in the car park of our local town, Bernkastel.
A temporary fence has been put up between the nest and the road.

It looks quite at home don't you think.

This next photo shows you how I am spending my time on the balcony,
now that I have run out of books to read.

I've just added this last photo.
All the rest I uploaded earlier today.
It takes so long, that I go off to do something else.
So they've been sitting here since this morning.

This photo was taken a short while ago when Mike and I
visited Bernkastel for an early evening stroll around the town,
and an ice cream of course.
I will have to visit the swans regularly in the hope of seeing the eggs hatch.
Maybe I should do a weekly update.
What do you think?


Sandi McBride said...

Loving the swans!!! So nice that someone cared enough to give them a fence! Not sure how one runs out of books to read, but I'm praying for you my dear, that your library comes back to life or that someone takes pity on you and passes on most loved books!
Again, great photos!

Kath said...

Aren't they resourceful. Gppd job the fence is there, they are fiercely protective of their young.
Loving your crochet work.

Margaret said...

The swans are beautiful, and I like your choice of colors for your crochet. I used to crochet many years ago. You inspire me to start up again!

Daisy said...

I love the swan pictures, Lynne. Weekly updates would be neat to see. Your crochet blocks are very pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, What beautiful pictures. The swans are exquisite and I would love to see weekly updates. Crocheting must be very enjoyable on your balcony with the puppies nearby to keep you company.

Ash said...

Hi, not called in since your walk through the vines posting, you have some lovely spots around you. No swans around me - more the lapwings and curlews, never can get anywhere close to get pictures of them. :( Will you get piccies of the cygnets? I used to like seeing them on walks around a lake near home when I was a kid !!! all those years ago :).
Hope the ice-cream was good!

Tracey said...

How lovely ... swans are such beautiful, elegant creatures.

Teresa said...

Oh, how wonderful to see those lovely, graceful swans! Do keep us updated!

ADonald466 said...

Amazing photos of the swans - you will definitely have to give us updates!!

Sarah said...

Oh yes please! They are lovely sitting there on their impressive nest. I saw a swan's nest in Leicester on the canal-they were in the middle so much more protected than these two. I like the way the little fence has been put up!
I finally sent the postcards on Friday last week after carrying them around since Monday! Hope they like them!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi Lynne,

Mega, mega sorry I have been so dire - visiting blogs for ages (including yours). I've finally written up the last instalment in my life in banking in the City. Hope you are OK and having a fine time in Germany. It looks like it! Vale for now! Hadriana xx

Zuzana said...

Lovely images, I am so glad that the swan is protected.;))
And I love all the photographs on your sidebar, beuatiful!:))

Diane said...

We walk near a swans nest where they are sitting on 2 eggs - its very exciting and can't wait to see the cygnets. xxxx

bad penny said...

It would be brilliant to keep an eye on the swans. I'm glad they have a fence to protect them a bit.

G - O - S said...

Updates please!! I love the bunnies from last time! And the african flower blocks are lovely too. What are you going to make or are you just playing?

G - O - S said...

PS GOS is me - alison b2!