Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sprinkles Anyone?

It was an early start for us,
4 a.m. to be precise,
to get Mike to the airport for his flight to Stansted.

This afternoon
I was sitting on the balcony
missing Mike,
when the phone rang.
It was my friend
inviting me out for a bike ride
to Bernkastel,
and an ice cream when we got there.
Her 12 year old son,
and his friend
were coming too.

It was just what I needed.

Though when she said
ice cream,
I imagined an
ice cream cornet.

So what a surprise
when we sat down to these.
What a delight.
The bike ride was good too!


Sarah said...

Wow they are big icecreams! How long is Mike away? Hope it is not too long.
Lovely flowers in yesterday's post. I have a new tactic in trying to tackle my dandelion problem-as well as digging them up-pulling the flower heads and the buds off as soon as I spot them so they never go to seed. What do you think-will it work?!

Claus said...

Yum! Those look - and must have been - delicious! :o) Good for you. A great treat!
have a lovely day!

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness! That ice cream looks fantastic! What a wonderful treat. :)

Anonymous said...

Friends are the best for lifting our spirits! The bike ride and treat were just what you needed.

Diane said...

Bits and sauce - lovely. x

Karens Hopes said...

mmm mmmmmmmmmm looks delicious.
Karen x

Helen said...

I had thought - What a great treat at the end of your bike ride - but it wasn't the end was it. Presumably you had to ride back again! Another treat?

ADonald466 said...

Even i would get on a bike if I could have that icecream!!

Yiota said...

A well- deserved treat!
I can only eat ice-cream when it's very hot (July+ August) and I drool when I see them as scrumptious as these ones!

Tracey said...

WOW - that icecream looks incredible. That's the kind of thing worth bike-riding for!! :D