Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fancy a Walk?

As I'm on my own at the moment,
I thought you might like to join me
on this mornings walk.

As it was very misty this morning,
I waited until it had cleared
before driving up the valley.
So it was later than usual
and very warm.
I decided to seek shade where I could.
This road offered some shade for a while,
as well as being very pretty.

It was a shortish walk
to where the view opened out across the valley.

While admiring the view,
this plane flew over.
It is a regular.
Sometimes there are two of them,
and they fly quite low,
and slow.
Apparently they are training planes.

On a bit more
and we have reached the end of the track.
It used to continue,
but now they are building a new road.

So we turn round to go back down,
but not before we see a deer leaping through the bushes.
As usual, Jewel got very excited.
She would have ran after it if I hadn't had tight hold of her.
Unfortunately the deer was too quick for me with the camera.

Back near the start of our walk
we pass this hostel.
It's used by groups,
mainly young people I think.
The new road runs right behind it.
It's future is uncertain.
I think the beauty of this place
is that it feels quite isolated
without really being so.

Next we follow the road down to the left.
We pass where the van is parked
and carry on.

Admiring the trees as we go.

We take a track into the vineyards.
I stop to watch a lizard
on these old poles.
Can you see it?
It's more or less in the centre of the photo
on the end of the pole.
It's tale is hanging down.
Click on the photo for a larger view.

As I stop a moment to look at the lizard,
Jewel takes the opportunity to have a lie down.
Paddy joins her.

So I take a look at the vineyards.

They are looking very bare.
No leaves,
and little vine.
You can see the difference in these two photos
in the way that the vines are trained.

Looking below me,
I can see that the dandelions are taking hold in some of the vineyards.
Can you see the little tractor
in between the vines?

Time to go.
There's a welcome drink at the end of the walk for some.

It turned out to be another hot day today,
perhaps the hottest yet.
I noticed the thermometer reading 26 degrees centigrade in the shade this afternoon.
But there was some wind as well,
always a sign of a change in the weather.
As long as it doesn't rain tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed going along on your walk. The hounds are lovely and the view of the trees in bloom and the bright blue sky look very cheerful.

Sarah said...

Lovely walk Lynne-thanks for taking me along. It is interesting to see more of where you live. It is a lovely area. I liked seeing the lizard-happy in the sun no doubt. It was hot here today again-not sure about tomorrow-hope so though as it has been lovely. I actually wore sandals this afternoon!

Daisy said...

A wonderful walk, Lynne. Thanks for sharing it. I love the blooming trees. You live in such a scenic spot. :-)

Claus said...

Gorgeous walk!, and very pretty pictures as always. My Lucas and Mateo would love to walk around those areas :o)
Have a lovely weekend!

ADonald466 said...

What a wonderful walk. I love the photos of the dogs lying down! We have had a lovely weekend, but not quite as hot as you!

Margaret said...

Looks like a lovely walk. I saw the lizard! He must have been sunning himself, eh? Your dogs are so sweet.

Ash said...

Had a fraught morning with a weaving project going pear shaped and decided I'd be more use catching up on blogs! So glad I did, its been lovely to wander through with you and your dogs. I've never visited a vineyard - will we be seeing the grapes later on when you go walking again? Thanks for giving a lift to my day, I was losing the will a little back there :).

noelle said...

Lovely walk thanks , love the dogs taking a quick rest!!!

Rustique Gal said...

Thanks for the lovely guided walk. My feet don't even hurt! It sure is beautiful there, and the hounds are sweet. I'm so glad to see Spring!
Happy weekend to you,

Tracey said...

What a lovely post. Thank you so much for taking me along on your beautiful walk ... there were so many beautiful sights to see.

That drink at the end looked welcome indeed.


Great pictures - what a scenic walk. I lived in Germany for a year a long time ago and still have fond memories of the countryside there.


Great pictures - what a scenic walk. I lived in Germany for a year a long time ago and still have fond memories of the countryside there.

Teresa said...

Hello Lynne!

Enjoyed walking with you. Beautiful photos as usual! I did find the lizard :-)

Lucy Caitlin Higham said...

What a lovely walk! Thank you for your comment on my blog
Lucy x

*❀*ℳḯʟʟḯ℮ ℳεα∂☺ωSẘℯℯ☂*❀* said...

wishing You and Your Lovely Four-legged Friends a Happy Easter :o)