Sunday, 3 April 2011

Going Barefoot

This is the weather we woke up to yesterday.
Mike was disappointed as it was forecast for
beautiful sunny warm weather.

I took these on our morning walk with the hounds.

But look at it an hour later.

This is taken from our window.
The forecast was correct.

Later when I was at the computer,
I heard a familiar noise.
For some reason,
this little Blue Tit keeps coming to this window
and flying at it as though it wants to come in.
It doesn't appear to be looking for insects.
Sometimes he sits on the windowsill
and looks in.

In the afternoon
I went into the garden and
took some photos.
It was too hot to do anything else.

I planted these tulips last year.

all the sunny weather
has brought out the dandelions.
It's amazing how quickly they flower.
There was only about 3 in flower the previous day.

I did manage to put some pansies in a window box.

Before collapsing back inside with a cup of tea.
A pick-me-up
before walking the hounds with Mike.

There's patches of white blossom
across the hillsides. 

Is it wild plum do you think?

We kept our walk short as it was so hot
and tried to stay in the woods
which offered some shade.
It was 24 degrees centigrade on the balcony
when I looked earlier.
It was all too much for Jewel
who just had to lie down
while waiting for Mike to take
the boy's collars off.

Once back home,
I had a shower to cool off,
and then went barefoot
for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

it has been raining!


Daisy said...

Beautiful photos, Lynne. The tulips and pansies are such bright, cheerful colors. I'm glad it turned out to be a nice day after all.

Zuzana said...

Dear Lynne, your images are always a breath of fresh air to me. Just look at that vibrant spring landscape... Even the fog gives your images a mellow nostalgia that is so touching.
Lovely blossom shots as well.
Have a lovely Monday,

Claus said...

It's been sunny here as well...summer hot though! I took Lucas and Mateo out for a walk in the afternoon, but it was a "short" one. The heat was way high, and I thought it couldn't be a good thing for them. Good thing we manage to take a loooong one early in the morning, when it was still fresh.
Lovely pictures! I love the flowers!!
have a lovely day!...even if it's raining.

Margaret said...

At least the morning mist makes for some nice pictures. I'm with you though. Give me the sun!
Lovely flower pictures. no dandelions here yet, but it won't be long.
Looks like Jewel could have used a bath to cool off, too.

ADonald466 said...

Fabulous photos - and beautiful blossom! You are much further on than us - out little tree in the front garden won't have blossom on it until the end of the month. It was very windy and wet here overnight, but it is brightening up rapidly this morning. The forecast is for better weather later in the week.

Ann Nichols said...

Thank you for such a lovely walk - I really enjoyed it! And your dogs...they are gorgeous!! And four of them!! What a lovely family you have!
I am so happy to be following along with you!