Friday, 8 July 2011

Good Intentions

These photos have just been waiting
for me to sit down at the computer long enough to post them.
They are from a couple of weekends ago
when I took myself off for a bike ride.
Any bicycle ride here
naturally goes alongside the river.
Any other route would mean
climbing hills,
and I wasn't inclined to do that
as it was too hot.
Though not as hot as it's been since then.

Not long into the ride
and I stopped to listen to a band playing.
These people seemed to have the right idea,
sheltering from the sun.

I didn't cycle very far,
but took a few photos on the way.
Unfortunately the heat must have sozzled my head,
as a number of the photos
showed that I must have been holding the camera at an angle,
making the photos unusable.
The one below is straight enough,

I sat for a while on a bench here,
before cycling back,

passing this sun dial showing the wrong time.
To me it reads 2 o'clock,
but it was actually
How can that be?

Following that cycle ride,
I had intended to take the bike out regularly,
but Wimbledon
and Glastonbury came on the telly
and I watched them instead.
Good intentions....


Daisy said...

Lovely photos, Lynne. I enjoyed seeing these. What a wonderful spot you have there to go for a ride.

Kath said...

I loved all the photos, the rooves especially. A lovely place to cycle, especially as it is flat, which is always good in my book :-D

Sarah said...

I like the photos you did show us Lynne! The little windows on that roof are interesting. I always mean to go out on my bike and never do anymore. Sad really.

Steve Gravano said...

Thanks for sharing these photos and your bike ride with us. I like the little windows photo, the textures and design are interesting.

Ash said...

I really like the photo of the building with the lines of the vines behind it, just appealed! Braver than me going out on a bike - tried it on occasions in the past but think I prefer to swim - much easier on the old bum!!! :)

Annie said...

Lovely photo's :D We have gorgeous paths along the river here too, but I can't get out as it won't stop raining :( Here's hoping you still have lovely sun x

Margaret said...

Lovely pictures. I especially like the gabled roof with the backdrop of vinyard rows. Very nice.

Maggie May said...

Love your unusual pictures and holding at an angle adds interest, I think!
Maggie X

Nuts in May