Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Grey Day with a Silver Lining

Mike flew off to the UK
last Tuesday.
Just before he went
one of the crowns came off my tooth.
I went into a mild panic,
followed by denial.
I hate anything like that happening with my teeth.
But today I finally did something about it
and went off to find a dentist.
I took the camera with me
as before Mike left,
I told him to
check my blog daily,
that way,
he could see what I was up to
what the weather was like here.
I also thought it would
prompt me to update my blog regularly.
I haven't been doing such a good job
with that side of things.
Well I did have a very busy week last week.

I went to a village the other side of the river
a few miles down stream,
where I found the light airy dental surgery.
It has an elevated position
and the views from the windows are lovely.
A good way to take your mind off what's happening
in the dentist chair.
However the procedure was straight forward,
and I now have the crown
back in position.
I have to go back tomorrow
to have it checked.
Hopefully, that's it sorted!

On the way back
I stopped a couple of times
to take some photos.

The following photos are of a different village on the way back to ours.
I think today has been the greyest day yet since Mike left.
In fact there was some very heavy rain earlier,
so I hope we don't get anymore of that when I walk the hounds later.

This last photo shows how closely the road follows the river.
It does that pretty much all along the river.
It crosses over the river now and then.
It's very scenic.

I had some more photos to share with you,
but Blogger doesn't seem to want to accept them.
So I'll leave well alone
in case I end up losing them all!

I'll take the camera with me again tomorrow
and hope that there is a bit of sunshine
to brighten up the pictures.



Tabiboo said...

Ouch - I'm such a baby when it comes to my teeth.

Hope you're all OK now?

Nina x

Yiota said...

I hate having to go to the dentist!
Good thing you enjoyed such great views, though.

Kath said...

you look like you have the same grey weather as us. I am determined to take the dogs to the beach tomorrow, despite the gloomy 55'F thats forecast.
Lovely pics, I especially like the top one.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy the crown is back in place. I hope you won't have any more problems.
You live in such a scenic area. I always enjoy your photos of church steeples in the villages.
We are having very hot temps and it rains just about every evening. I hope you and the hounds won't get wet tonight.
Hello to Mike!

Sarah said...

I am glad your tooth is sorted out Lynne. It is never fun going to the dentist. I have got to go for a check up in the holidays-I must not put it off!
I like the photos from your trip-especially the one of the church and the white flowers in the foreground. I bet it is lovely driving along by the river.

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh heck, its so horrible when something happens to teeth. I don't really know why, it's not that bad if it doesn't hurt, yet it always is so bothersome.

Daisy said...

Oh dear. I'm sorry to hear about your tooth. I hate having to go to the dentist too. I'm always so relieved when it's over with.

Even on grey days your photos look lovely, Lynne. I hope you will get some sunshine soon. :)

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Lynne:
What beautiful pictures you treat us all to here of the German countryside. The silvery light gives them a wonderfully atmospheric quality and shrouds the buildings with mystery. Water, for us, is always fascinating with so many different moods and its reflective qualities changing with the weather and the seasons. You have captured such a sense of place with these images. Lovely!

Thank you so much for visiting us, since that has enabled us to find you. We have signed up as Followers in order to keep in touch.